what key is running up that hill

In Stranger Things, the theme song “Running Up That Hill” was introduced to many people. The song’s familiar chords make it easy to recognize. It’s a great example of a popular tune. It’s in the key of C Minor, but it’s also available in the key of A#m, which makes it accessible for a wide range of learners.


C Minor

Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush was introduced to the public by the television series Stranger Things, which features the same chords as the song. While the song was decades ahead of its time, its modern feel and enduring relevance make it an inspired choice for a Stranger Things episode. The song was also included in the season 4 trailer.

This song was written by Kate Bush and released in 1985. It was released as the first single from Bush’s album Hounds of Love. The lyrics describe the story of a woman and man who make a deal with God. Bush produced the song herself using a Fairlight CMI synthesiser and a LinnDrum drum machine. The song has become a classic for Bush. It was first performed live in 1987 by Bush and then later in 2014. In both performances, Bush lip synced the song, as was the trend of the time. In 2014, a remix of the song was premiered at the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics. It went on to enter the UK Top 10 for a week.


The song’s original key is C minor. However, it has been arranged in A minor because of its popularity in the Stranger Things series. It is played with a capo on the third fret. When playing it live, the song’s chords are in C minor, but the song is more commonly played in A minor.


The 1986 hit single “A#m is running up that hill” by Kate Bush is returning to the charts after a two-decade hiatus. The track debuted at the top of the UK and U.S. charts and has become a hit with young fans. It was also featured in the Netflix series Stranger Things and inspired TikTok trends.

The song has lyrics that relate to Max’s situation and the song’s chorus can be interpreted as a prayer for a miracle. It is a song that will save Max from Vecna and guide him back to the world of the living. The song also features some of the best guitar riffs in pop music.

Running Up That Hill was written and produced by Kate Bush. It was released as the first single from her album Hounds of Love in the United Kingdom. The song was produced by Bush on a Fairlight CMI synthesiser and a LinnDrum drum machine. The song is heavily featured in season four of Stranger Things.

Running Up That Hill was first performed by Kate Bush on the 5 August 1985 edition of Wogan. The song was also performed in Top Of The Pops on 22 August 1985. In August and September, Kate Bush performed the song on a variety of TV shows in Germany and France, including Extratour and Show Vor Acht. The song was also featured on Kate Bush’s live album Before the Dawn.

The song’s resurgence proves the power of familiarity. It still evokes childhood memories for many children who were born in 1985. Its recent inclusion in the closing ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics and the Grammys proves that it can transcend decades and still be relevant to today’s youth.