is oilfield servicesequipment a good career path

Oilfield services/equipment is a high paying career option. However, you must have technical skills to operate heavy equipment, as well as experience working in the field. Fortunately, there are many advantages to working in this field, including a high salary and great benefits.


Oilfield services/equipment is a high-paying career path

If you’re looking for a high-paying career, oilfield services/equipment could be the right choice for you. This field offers many benefits, including high salaries, variety of work, and the opportunity to travel around the world. The job market for oilfield services/equipment is projected to grow by 12% over the next 10 years.

Careers in oilfield services/equipment involve heavy equipment, transportation, and storage. These positions typically require long hours and exposure to hazardous conditions, but can lead to excellent pay. Some employers even provide tuition reimbursement for select training programs. A bachelor’s degree is required for many oilfield positions.


The average salary for oilfield services/equipment employees is $15 to $40 per hour. The pay range will depend on skill level and experience. However, in general, workers in this field can earn up to $85,000 a year. Job opportunities in this industry can be plentiful and can be found online.

Oilfield services/equipment jobs can be found in a variety of locations and require a diverse crew. Entry-level jobs include floorhands, who keep the oil rig clean and motorhands, who make sure the drilling equipment is working properly. Drillers work alongside an oil rig manager and monitor gauges on the equipment. Professionals in this industry often work as derrickmen, which requires several years of experience.

Oilfield services/equipment jobs may require a high school diploma, though some entry-level positions are available with a GED. Equipment operators may need certification, which can be obtained through an apprenticeship or training course.

It requires technical skills to operate heavy equipment

Operating heavy equipment is a skill that requires technical expertise and experience. It requires patience and the ability to troubleshoot problems when using heavy equipment. There are also safety precautions that need to be taken when using heavy machinery. Training courses are available to help employees become proficient in the use of heavy equipment.

There are many different career opportunities within the oilfield services/equipment industry. Job growth is expected to be between 10 and 12% over the next decade. There are many different jobs within the industry, including drilling, petroleum exploration, and pipeline construction. The job market in this sector is strong and offers plenty of room for advancement.

Oilfield services/equipment technicians can expect to earn $15 to $40 an hour. However, these positions require a bachelor’s degree in a geoscience field. However, these jobs are demanding and physically demanding. As a result, it is important to keep your goals high.

Oilfield services/equipment requires workers who are knowledgeable about operating and maintaining heavy equipment. A worker in this field must be able to read blueprints, operate heavy equipment and be well-versed in safety procedures. For those who would like to work in a more technical position, an engineer in this field may be an ideal candidate.

Oilfield services/equipment is among the highest paying jobs in the industry. Salaries vary, but average salaries can reach up to $85,000 a year. With so many opportunities, oilfield jobs are a great option for those who enjoy physical activity and a steady salary.

It requires experience to work in the field

The Oilfield Services and Equipment Industry is a broad category that includes a variety of products and services associated with oil and gas exploration and production. This sector includes companies that design, build, repair, and maintain oilfield equipment. They also provide services related to seismic testing, well construction, production and completion, and transportation services.

Oilfield services companies often publish open positions on their websites, so you can browse their listings to find a job. In addition, job portals such as Monster, Indeed, and Workaholics can help you find job opportunities. Job fairs are another great place to find oilfield jobs.

Oilfield services/equipment jobs require a variety of skills and experience, but it can lead to a high-paying career. These jobs range from assisting in the setup of oilfield wellheads to moving fracking and drilling equipment.

Oilfield services companies are a vital part of the oilfield industry. Their innovative technologies and know-how allow them to grow and thrive in this sector. As a result, they’re able to reach economies of scale as a result of repeat business from oilfields.

It pays well

Oilfield services/equipment jobs are an excellent choice for those seeking a high-paying job in a highly physical industry. The work is very diverse and requires a wide range of skills, from assisting with the setup of oilfield wellheads to moving drilling and fracking equipment.

Job opportunities in oilfield services/equipment pay well and are extremely in demand. They can be very lucrative and offer great travel opportunities. There are many different positions, from entry-level to highly-specialized. These jobs also offer good benefits and a variety of training programs. No matter what kind of experience you have, there’s a job available in oilfield services/equipment.

Salaries in oilfield services/equipment range from $15 to $40 per hour, depending on the position. In some jurisdictions, the pay can be even higher. In addition to pay, some employers provide perks, such as pensions and group health insurance. Oilfield services/equipment pays well, and some jobs are even guaranteed lifetime incomes.

Although oilfield services/equipment jobs can be physically demanding, they can be highly rewarding. Oil companies often hire employees in this sector to ensure that their facilities are safe. Those with the right qualifications can secure a high-paying job. The industry is expected to grow at 12% over the next decade.

While oilfield jobs can be demanding, they also provide generous vacation and time off schedules. In addition to generous vacation policies, oilfield positions often pay well. These positions often require travel around the world. Oilfield services and equipment firms offer generous vacation policies, which enable workers to take up to half a year off.

Oilfield jobs require a diverse crew. Some entry-level positions include floorhands, who keep the oil rig clean and motorhands, who ensure that drilling equipment is working properly. You could become a driller, a position that requires several years of experience.

It’s a good place to start a career

Those interested in a career in oilfield services and equipment can expect to make a lot of money. The work is physically demanding, however, and technicians can work ten to twelve hours a day for up to seven days at a stretch. Oilfield services companies often send technicians to remote sites, where they live alone and may spend weeks without seeing their family.

The field of oilfield work is often considered part of the construction industry, and some occupations require specialized training. Without a diploma in structural trades, it can be difficult to get a job. However, many service companies offer training programs to get you up to speed on the field.

An oilfield services/equipment career offers many rewarding opportunities for individuals with a variety of skill sets. As an oilfield worker, you can do everything from help setup oilfield wellheads to move fracking and drilling equipment. The work is challenging and exciting, but it can also provide the benefits of a high-quality lifestyle.

The oil and gas sector is growing fast, and it is a great time to join the oilfield services/equipment industry. Despite the tough environment, the sector has plenty of opportunities for professionals from diverse backgrounds and educational backgrounds. Those who enjoy working outdoors and working in unpredictable environments are welcome in this industry. The sector requires highly skilled trade-oriented workers as well as people with advanced degrees.

The oilfield services/equipment industry has many jobs available and offers high pay. Depending on the location, oilfield service providers can earn from $15 to $40 per hour. Some oilfield service companies offer benefits packages, but most don’t.