is food distributors a good career path

Before you choose this career path, you should know a bit about the requirements for food distributors. You can start by reading industry publications, attending food distribution conferences, and following industry blogs to keep up with the latest industry trends. In addition, you can join educational events like the Food Distribution Summit or Modern Distribution Management. If you enjoy working with customers, you may find the work to be rewarding. You can also be part of a dynamic team and interact with different parts of the business.


High salaries

High salaries for food distributors are rare in the food industry, where the hours are often long and the pay is low. Many food distributors are required to work night shifts and have unpredictable schedules. They also have limited career advancement opportunities. For these reasons, many food distributors are reluctant to hire new employees.

Food distributor jobs are typically sales positions. Retail sales representatives earn around $35,000 per year, while wholesale sales representatives earn $51,000. More senior-level jobs can earn up to $100,000. To land one of these positions, you should network with colleagues and list your contact information on a business card. If possible, contact potential employers to inquire about current openings.


Salaries at Feeser’s Food Distributors vary depending on the position and location. For example, employees in Hagerstown, MD, earn an average yearly salary of $41,525 per year. Similarly, employees in Lancaster, PA, earn an average of $40,924 per year.

As a food distributor, you will be responsible for delivering products to retail stores. In this role, you will work closely with manufacturers and retailers. This means you’ll have a good understanding of trends in the food industry. As a result, you’ll get a high salary.

Required education

A food distributor’s job entails a variety of skills and responsibilities. Food distribution is a major societal responsibility and involves a lot of moving parts. In addition to ensuring that food doesn’t go to waste, this field requires logistical wrangling and analytical skills. Certain positions require more experience or higher education than others.

Many food distributor jobs require a college degree, although some positions require more experience. Regardless of the level of education and experience needed for the role, food distribution experts will always be in high demand. However, if you have enough experience and a passion for the work, you can find a job that doesn’t require a four-year degree.

Job outlook

As a foodservice distributor, you’re in a challenging industry. The industry is complex, and it requires an extensive knowledge of logistics and distribution. You’ll also need analytical skills to work in this field, and a degree is an asset in many cases. Although the job outlook for food distributors isn’t bleak, it’s not easy to land one of these jobs.

Food distributors work for food manufacturers to help them market their products and services. Their primary goal is to position the products where consumers will be looking for them. Food distributors often hire representatives to meet with retail establishments and introduce new products. They’ll also provide product samples. Taste samples are the best way to promote a food product, and you’ll want to ensure that you offer free tastings to attract the right customers.