is computer software programming data processing a good career path

If you want to work in a highly creative field and make a living doing it, then a career in computer software programming data processing might be perfect for you. This career field needs people with unique minds, and it allows you to grow and learn from others. You’ll also meet many inspiring people who can inspire your creativity.


Demand for computer programmers is in decline

The demand for computer programmers is in decline, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The organization’s Occupational Outlook Handbook lists the duties of computer programmers, the median annual wage, and the employment outlook. The job outlook for programmers is not as promising as it may seem, and it is likely to continue to decrease in the next decade.

Computer programmers make a median wage of $93,000 per year, with the lowest-paid ten percent earning less than the top ten percent. The highest-paid 10 percent made more than $145,360 a year. Most computer programmers work full-time. The number of people employed in this field is expected to decline by 10 percent over the next decade. However, these openings are expected to stem from the replacement of workers.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of jobs for computer programmers is expected to decline by eight percent over the next decade. This is partly due to the globalization of software development. As a result, many companies are opting to outsource programming to countries with lower wages. However, the costs of managing overseas programmers offset the savings from lower wages. This is a reason why some companies are returning to hiring programmers in the United States.

Despite the fact that computer science as a whole is experiencing a decline in demand, there is still hope for computer scientists. Those with a background in computer science can find work as computer systems analysts and software developers. The outlook for these professions is slightly better than that of computer scientists. The industry has a strong need for practical skills and applied knowledge in the field.

Despite the decline in demand, computer programmers earn a good income. Most computer programmers have a bachelor’s degree, although some employers choose to hire those with associate’s degrees. The median annual wage for a computer programmer is $93,000. However, the profession is projected to decline 10 percent over the next decade.

Job satisfaction for computer programmers is 3.2 stars out of 5

According to a survey conducted by, the average job satisfaction for computer programmers is 3.2 stars out of 5. Most respondents were satisfied with their job and rated their job as being well-suited for their personality and abilities. In addition, a majority of these professionals said that their work was meaningful, fun, and they enjoyed it.

Degree requirements for computer software programming data processing

Students seeking a degree in computer software programming data processing will need good math skills, the ability to analyze and draw conclusions, and computer programming skills. In addition, they will need to learn how to create their own programs and how to use technology. Classes in this field typically cover topics in information technology, computer science, word processing, business communications, and computer systems analysis. Students will also learn how to use a spreadsheet to calculate data.

Most data processing degree programs require at least a high school diploma. Some programs also require a minimum GPA or SAT/ACT score. In addition, certain data processing careers may require special certification. Degree requirements vary by school, and may take from one to four years to complete. Before pursuing a degree, it is important to consider the type of job you are hoping to land.