how to use revalis gale

In this article we will learn how to use Revali’s Gale, a Champion ability. This weapon can be used while gliding and recharges after three jumps. You can use it to take out the camps of Calamity Ganon and Bakoblins.


Revali’s Gale is a Champion ability

Revali’s Gale is a powerful ability that Link can use to fly up into the air. This ability is a relic from Hyrule’s past, when the late Rito Champion used it to launch himself into the air. Link gains this ability after defeating Ganon and restoring the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. This ability can be particularly useful during rainstorms.

Revali’s Gale is one of several special powers Link can use. This ability summons a strong wind, enabling Link to glide across the air and avoid being hit. The ability also has a six-minute cooldown, so it’s important to know when to use it. It’s also important to note that Champion abilities can scare players, which is why it’s important to clear them when not in use.


Revali heard the commotion below, and she quickly scanned the ground for her Champion. As she searched for her opponent, she saw her fellow Champion. She then descended to the ground and began looking at the stones. When she saw that all of them were coordinated in attack patterns, she was shocked.

It can be used while gliding

Revali’s Gale is a powerful updraft item which can be used while gliding. It can be used to increase the distance you fly by a significant amount. However, this ability can only be used if you have sufficient charges. Therefore, it is better to use ice blocks instead of Revali’s Gale when possible.

Revali’s gale is a very useful ability in the game, as it allows Link to glide over enemies, reach high vantage points, and even shoot their enemies. Its ability to glide is particularly useful for traversing Hyrule. With the right use of it, Link can scale walls, reach extra high vantage points, and glide over obstacles.

It recharges after three jumps

The Revali’s Gale can be used for three jumps before it needs to be recharged. After that, it cannot be used again for six real-time minutes. Fortunately, this time is much shorter when used in Hyrule Castle. The jumps you do in Hyrule Castle reduce the charge time to only forty seconds.

To recharge Revali’s Gale after three jumps, you must first defeat Vah Medoh, a drone-like enemy that actively tries to prevent updrafts. Use your sword to defeat this boss, then use food and elixirs to buff yourself during the second phase. Once the Gale is fully recharged, Link will have five temporary yellow hearts.

It can be used to take out camps of Bakoblins and Calamity Ganon

Revali’s gale is a powerful ability in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. It can take out the camps of Bakoblins and Calamities, and is especially useful for destroying fireblight Ganon. The fireblight Ganon sucks in air during its mid-phase, and bombs will damage it.