how to use express pass lost ark

In Lost Ark, you can buy Powerpasses to unlock additional rewards in the game. These passes provide access to a limited set of rewards and have requirements for participating. This article will go over the requirements for this event. After reading it, you should have an idea about how to use an Express Pass in Lost Ark.


Powerpasses in Lost Ark

Powerpasses are special items in the game that allow you to level another character in a shorter time than you normally would. These items are obtainable through the in-game mail system. A player can use a Powerpass to skip the main storyline and unlock the Adventurer’s Path without having to complete any quests.

Earning a Powerpass in Lost Ark is simple and fast. Just complete the Ealyn’s Gift quest in North Vern and you’ll receive a Powerpass. You can then use it on any alternate character to level up faster. It’s worth noting that you’ll only be able to get two Powerpasses per account.


The level cap of Lost Ark is 15. This means that a Powerpass can be used to unlock all three game roles. But, before you buy a Powerpass, you should complete the Adventurer’s Path quest in your class first. This way, you’ll be able to unlock the gear you need to unlock the endgame content of the game. Just keep in mind that the Powerpass will only be available on the current servers and may change in the future.

Powerpasses in Lost Ark are an excellent way to level a character in a matter of hours rather than weeks or months. They enable players to skip the fluff and enjoy the peaks of multiple classes faster. As long as you don’t mind playing as a character that is only 50 levels below the main character, a Powerpass is an excellent option.

Requirements for participating in the event

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Players who have the express pass in Lost Ark can use it to complete missions and receive a number of rewards. This way, they can earn a variety of items and increase their success rates. For new players, this can help them catch up with their friends or level alternate characters. Veteran players can also take advantage of this option to level alternate characters.

To take advantage of this opportunity, players should have at least one character with Combat Level 50 and Item Level 1000. These characters will receive level 302 gear and access to bonus missions. The missions are divided into four parts based on the continents. Players will receive items for completing each section according to their level and continent.

Players who use this option can use it to power up their characters and quickly reach Tier 3 and beyond. This method is especially useful for those who don’t have enough time to level up their characters. The rewards are pretty decent and can really help new players progress quickly. It’s also a convenient way to get a new character.

The main character should be level 50 or higher to take advantage of the Lost Ark Express Mission event. Otherwise, players should use an alt character with lower item levels. For example, a 302 alt character will be ideal to level up a Glaivier to Tier 3, which will reward them with 960 Feiton Power Passed Glaivier. It’s also wise to use the rewards on an alt character to earn early Tier 1 or Tier 2 rewards.