How to Smoke Weed Without it Smelling

Mateus Santos

how to smoke weed without it smelling

If you’re wondering how to smoke weed without it smelling, there are several tricks to help you keep the smell to a minimum. Some of them involve ventilation, using a sploof or keeping a fan on. Others involve avoiding contact with hair. These tricks can help you smoke weed without smelling like a stinky weed factory.


If you’re a cannabis user, you may be afraid of the smell. You don’t want to stink up your apartment or get busted, but a little prevention can go a long way. By using ventilation, you can smoke weed in your home without causing a bad odor.

One option is to turn on a bathroom fan. The steam from the shower will help to mask the smell. Likewise, keeping a damp towel under the door will help prevent the smell from spreading. Another option is to point a portable fan outside the window. You can also use vinegar to neutralize the smell.

Another option is to install an air purifier. These air purifiers are available in a variety of sizes and designs. You can buy one to match your home decor. While they may not help get rid of the smell of weed, they can help improve indoor air quality, which is important for people with allergies.

Alternatively, you can use air fresheners. Although they may be tacky, air fresheners can help mask the smell of weed. They come in many different scents. Some have a stronger smell than others, and you can use them to mask the weed smell.

Using a sploof

Using a sploof is one of the simplest ways to smoke weed without the odor being detected. It works by filtering smoke through a perforated tube, such as a dryer sheet. You can even make your own sploofs by using household items such as dryer sheets. This method helps you smoke without the risk of being caught, but it’s important to note that it won’t completely eliminate the smell.

Sploofs are made out of toilet paper rolls, dryer sheets, or other household items. The main goal is to reduce the odor of cannabis smoke. They can also be used with incense sticks, air purifiers, or air fresheners. Homemade sploofs are easy to make and are great for masking the odor of cannabis.

Sploofs are an inexpensive way to smoke weed without the smell. They can be made of toilet paper rolls, cardboard tubes, and paper towels. They are held together with an elastic band. A sploof is a useful way to smoke weed without the smell, especially for people who are sensitive to its smell.

Before smoking weed, make sure to empty your bong or ash tray. Afterwards, dispose of the marijuana properly. Alternatively, you can make your own sploof out of a washcloth, paper towel, or dryer sheet. You can also buy a sploof that is already made. The key is to blow into the sploof and scrub the smoke as it goes through it.

Keeping a fan on

Keeping a fan on while smoking weed can help you to conceal the smell of your smoking habit. A fan will help disperse the smell of smoke by directing it toward the window. This will also allow you to breathe out through the back of the fan. This method will help you to conceal the smell of smoke and keep your house smelling fresh.

Another way to avoid the smell of marijuana is to use an air purifier. These devices will absorb the smell of smoke and neutralize it, preventing it from getting into your home. Additionally, they can help you to prevent the smell from leaking into your clothes. Another way to combat the smell is to burn a scented incense stick. The smoke will give off strong aromatic compounds that will mask the smell.

To mask the smell of weed, you can use plug-in air fresheners or spray air fresheners. These will provide an aromatic smell throughout the day and mask the smell of cannabis on demand. You can also use odor-eliminating products like Lysol and Febreeze to eliminate odors from surfaces. Lastly, you can clean the carpets to remove the smell.

Smoking cannabis can be a problem in apartment buildings. You might be afraid of being caught and getting busted because of the smell of your weed. However, prevention is better than cure. Keeping a fan on when smoking weed without it smelling can help you stay under the radar.

Using fabric freshener as an alternative to cologne

While weed is not particularly scented, its synthetic components make it susceptible to odors. Even a Nike Dri-Fit t-shirt can smell like a gym mat. You might have been offered a free workout class, but that doesn’t mean that you should smell like a gym mat. Using fabric freshener as an alternative to cologne to smoke weed can help keep you from being judged.

Using incense to cover up weed smell

To cover up the smell of cannabis smoke, some people use incense. This incense has a very strong and long-lasting scent, and can cover up the odor of weed without making it too obvious. Although there are some risks associated with this method, it does work well to cover up the smell of cannabis.

There are many different kinds of incense. To cover up the smell of weed, you should choose a fragrant one that has a deep, complex scent. Using a scented candle can also cover up the smell. Using incense to cover up weed smell can be effective, but it’s best to burn it in a fireplace or on a fireproof surface.

If you’re using marijuana in public, you should consider burning an incense stick to cover up the smell. This is an inexpensive way to cover up the smell of weed. It can be a pleasant experience to light a stick of incense and let the strong scent dissipate.

Another effective way to cover the smell of marijuana is to burn a candle containing coffee beans. These contain a high concentration of the smell of coffee. This way, you can mask the smell without having to get up and leave your place smelling like weed. Using incense can also help you get a peaceful mind. If you can’t find a scented candle, try burning an incense stick with a few herbs in it.