how long does the smell of weed last

If you’re unsure how to mask the smell of weed, you should try taking a shower and applying a pungent perfume to disguise it. Make sure to choose a scent that won’t offend people, though. You should also brush your teeth. The smell of weed can also travel through your clothes, so you’ll want to remove them from the area where you smoked.



A new study has revealed a correlation between parental use of drugs and alcohol, and their children’s discipline. The findings were consistent even after controlling for other factors. Parents who use marijuana, alcohol, and/or both have higher levels of discipline in their households than non-users. Those who also use drugs and alcohol abuse their children more frequently, and discipline their children more harshly. This is alarming, and suggests a need for more research on this topic.

If an employee smells like weed, it may be due to recreational use outside the workplace. This can pose a problem in terms of their image, but the employer can still address the problem. In such a situation, an employer can take the employee to a private area and express his or her concerns. It is important to make the employee aware that the company has made a formal complaint and that he/she must make changes to the behavior. The employer can also monitor the situation discreetly to see if any progress is being made. If the situation persists, the employer should conduct a review meeting and progress a formal complaint.


Proper storage

The best way to maintain the freshness of your weed is by properly storing it. Stored properly, concentrates can last up to six months. The key is to store them in airtight silicone or thick glass containers. You can also purchase smaller packages that are packaged in plastic cases or envelopes. These are often not airtight and can expose your weed to the elements. Keep in mind that shatter is also often wrapped in parchment paper and will lose its freshness if exposed to air.

For long-term storage, store your weed in a dark, cool place. Avoid placing it near heat sources, like the stove or oven. Also, make sure to store your weed out of direct sunlight. You can also freeze it if you need to. Regardless of the storage method you choose, marijuana should be stored out of direct sunlight to maintain its freshness and aroma.

Proper storage also preserves the potency of your weed. Marijuana needs to stay between 0degC and 20degC to stay fresh and potent. Anything colder can cause mold growth and turn your weed to CBN. Besides temperature, light is one of the biggest enemies of weed. Exposure to even small amounts of light will reduce the potency of your weed.

To prolong the freshness of your weed, store it in an airtight container. Medicine bottles are a great option for this purpose. You can also purchase odor-proof storage containers from online retailers. You can also refrigerate or freeze your weed, but this will significantly shorten the shelf-life of your weed.


You might be wondering, “How long does the smell of weed last indoors?” The duration of the weed smell indoors depends on the conditions of your home, including the amount of ventilation. Good ventilation allows for greater air flow, flushing out the smell. To get a more effective air purification system, use an air purifier.

If you smoke weed in your apartment, you may be worried about stinking up your building or getting busted by the authorities. Prevention is better than cure, and proper ventilation can keep you under the radar. In addition, open windows and fans will help in the ventilation process. Ventilating your home can take minutes to a few hours.

Even though it is important to have ample ventilation in your home, weed smells can still find its way into closed containers. A self-respecting pothead will have a cabinet or drawer specifically designated for the weed. Wood cabinets and drawers are porous, so odors can easily seep into them.

The duration of the weed odor depends on several factors, such as the amount of ventilation in the home, the amount of marijuana smoke, and the intensity of smoke. The higher the concentration, the longer the odor will remain in the air. To minimize this effect, consider placing ventilation units around the home.

After smoking weed, make sure to remove the smoke immediately from the room. If it is still present, open windows and turn on the bathroom fan. Using a homemade sploof (a piece of cloth or paper towel in a container) or a plastic bag will help absorb the smoke.

Natural scents

The strength of the weed odor is dependent on several factors, including the type of weed used, how it is smoked and where it is smoked. Indoor smoking tends to produce a stronger smell than outdoor smoking, and the number of windows and airflow in the room can all affect the potency of the smell.

To combat the weed odor, try using a deodorizer. This can be a dry shampoo or perfume, or even scented dryer sheets. Another option is to use a strong shampoo that contains ingredients such as baking soda or apple cider vinegar. These natural ingredients neutralize odors, and can be purchased in a store or made at home.

The weed smell can stick to your clothes and other items for hours or days. If you smoke indoors, you should try to keep windows open while smoking. This will minimize the smell and the duration of the smell in the room. If you smoke weed in an open area, you can also clean the room afterwards to get rid of the smell and reduce the amount of residue smoke.

If you can’t avoid smelling like weed, you can try avoiding the area where you smoked marijuana. The smell of cannabis can be covered by wearing perfumes, scented candles or other scented items. However, the best option is to open windows and let the fresh air circulate. If this is not an option, you can also use fans to remove the smell from the area. You can also consider using an air purifier, which will remove any lingering odor.

One factor that affects the smell of weed is the way it is stored. Smoking leaves residues on the walls and carpets. Some apartments may need to be repainted to get rid of the smell. For people who don’t want to spend the money on re-painting, vaporization is a good option.

Using a sploof

One popular method for masking the smell of cannabis is using a sploof. This device is similar to a car muffler. It works by passing sound waves through perforated tubes that cancel them out. The resulting sound is undetectable to the untrained eye.

Homemade sploofs are also available. However, they are not as air-tight as their commercial counterparts. They will always have some lingering smell. This method is ideal for people who want to keep their weed stashes hidden and away from the eyes of roommates or parents who aren’t overly comfortable with the smell.

You can also use scented dryer sheets to mask the smell of weed. These can be made of various materials, including toilet paper towel rolls. You can also buy sploofs that are made of activated carbon, which is one of the most efficient odor filters on the market.

While buying sploofs will do the trick, a homemade sploof can also work to mask the smell of marijuana. The main advantage is that it can be easily made with common household items. A basic sploof can be made by wrapping a dryer sheet around a toilet paper roll and stuffing it halfway. The downside to this method is that the dryer sheet will become discolored from the residue. If you make a sploof at home, you should keep some extra ones in a stash for later use.

A sploof can also be made from essential oils, incense sticks, or other air fresheners. It doesn’t require a complex process and is a handy tool for a more relaxing smoking session.