glory rbg100 error codes

If you’re wondering what Glory RBG-100 error codes mean, then you’ve come to the right place. The Glory RBG-100 teller cash recycler is one of the most advanced cash management solutions in the industry. It offers higher operational accuracy and is designed to suit the needs of varying cash management environments. It also features a dual bill presenter to avoid the risk of accidentally tendering another teller’s cash.


Glory RBG-100 teller cash recycler

The Glory RBG-100 Teller Cash Recycler is a high-performance cash management solution that offers a wide range of capabilities. It can handle customer transactions, large deposits, ATM pulls, and teller vault buys and sells. With a capacity of up to 17,100 notes and a secure collection drawer that can hold up to 4,500 notes, it provides a cost-effective and high-performance cash handling and counting solution.

With this innovative product, banks can free up precious staff resources and provide superior customer service. It can eliminate time-consuming and repetitive tasks that require manual processing, which reduces errors. It also automates banknote counting, fitness sorting, and authentication tasks. As a result, it can dramatically increase staff productivity.


The RBG-100 is designed for varying cash management needs and improves operational accuracy. It offers variable capacity and size, an intuitive layout, and a large touch screen display. Its advanced authentication capabilities enable faster, more personalized service. This fully automated note recycler offers higher operational accuracy, allowing a bank to manage cash better.

The RBG-100 is equipped with a 300-note feed hopper for fast processing of large banknote deposits. Its tamper-proof cassettes can be configured by denomination. An extra drawer stores non-recyclable notes. Lastly, the RBG-100 is a UL-approved 24-hour safe, allowing teller cash to remain in the machine over night. This safe also features serial number recognition technology. It automatically verifies partial cassettes.

The Glory RBG-100 teller cash recycling system is integrated with the SMARTCASH(tm) system, enabling banks to create a safe and secure environment. This system helps banks maximize their operational efficiency and improve customer service by automating processes and balancing their cash stock.

A robust user training program is essential for the smooth adoption of a teller cash recycler. Cutting corners on training will undermine the value of the hardware and integration. Look for a vendor that has a dedicated teller cash recycler training team. These experts can educate staff on how to use the recycling system and prepare them for exception conditions.

Glory RBU-11 cash recycler

Glory cash recyclers offer reliable and fast cash management solutions. The Glory RBG-100 was released in 2012, and has been improved and updated since then. Recent upgrades include a larger display screen. In addition to its many features, the RBG-100 offers improved speed and capacity, plus a unique lower drawer for more storage.

The Glory RBU-11 has an electronic journal of all transactions, which reduces the risk of employee theft and other petty crimes. It also calculates and stores change, which is an excellent security feature for businesses that handle cash after dark. This machine also has a high-quality UL291 24-hour safe and powerful alarm system, making it a wise choice for businesses. In addition to reducing employee theft, the RBU-11 helps reduce the risk of cash drawer fraud.

A Glory RBU-11 error code can indicate a variety of problems with the recycling machine. In most cases, the error is caused by a malfunction in a hardware component, such as the hard drive. Fortunately, most of these errors are easy to fix. If you’re unable to resolve the problem, you can contact Glory support. They will be happy to help.