Epic Ghazt Breeding Guide

Mateus Santos

The Epic Ghazt is a rare monster that can slide between dimensions. These monsters are ethereal in nature and have dual-ended horns. They can be bred by combining the Entbrat with a reebro or a grumpyre. This ethereal monster is highly sought after.

Once fed to level 15, the Epic Ghazt will teleport to the Ethereal Island. Once there, it will breed with Dragong and Boodoo. The entire breeding process will take approximately eight hours and 20 minutes. Unlike Common Monsters, Epic Monsters can only be bred during limited time events.

The simplest way to breed a Rare Ghazt is to use an Entbrat or T-Rox. This is the easiest way to get a Rare and save time. Rare Ghazt have lower breeding chances than Common Ghazt, so you may have to try with other monsters to increase your chances of breeding a Rare Ghazt.