Daisy: How to Become the Duke’s Fiancee is a manga based on the web novel series of the same name. The novel was written by Lisabel, and it has been published in several languages, including English, French, and German. While it does have its share of interesting plot twists, Daisy’s story is predictable and on average.

After being betrayed by her first love, Daisy is given a second chance at life. However, she must repay her father’s gambling debt to Kilian, an aristocrat with an ominous reputation. In order to do this, Daisy has two choices: either stay in the castle for 60 years, or marry Kilian for three years. If she manages to do so, she will inherit the title of duke and be able to marry her beloved.

Daisy’s previous life as a scumbag’s mistress makes her want to change her life. She returns to her past in order to make it better. In doing so, she meets a hot fake husband by accident. The two women must work together for three years, without falling in love with each other.