case ih error code lookup

If you need to check the fault codes on your Service Case IH tractor, then you have come to the right place. The Stoltz Sales & Service team has spent months sifting through service manuals and creating a database of fault codes. The result is an extensive database which is sure to help you locate specific fault codes.


Case IH PUMA 150 tractor error code 12800

If you’re experiencing an error code on your Case IH PUMA 150 tractor, then you should know what it means and how to fix it. The good news is that there’s help available! We’ve compiled a list of error codes for the most common Case IH tractors, as well as the causes and possible solutions.

Case IH PUMA 150

If you are trying to diagnose a Case IH PUMA 150 tractor, it can help to know the error code for this machine. You can use a code reader to find the code. This device is very useful because it can help you find the fault code quickly.


Case IH PUMA 200

Case IH has a number of code readers to help you troubleshoot electronic systems. Case IH’s code reader provides you with an easy way to find fault codes and diagnose problems quickly. Whether your tractor is having trouble with starting, slowing down, or overheating, it’s easy to find the fault code you need.

Case IH PUMA 300

If you’ve been experiencing problems with your Case IH PUMA 300, you may need to check the error codes and trouble codes on the device. This error code lookup tool can help you quickly identify the faults in your electronic system. It can also identify the causes of common problems, including faulty batteries and overheating. If you’re not sure what a code means, consult your implement operator’s manual for more information.

Case IH PUMA 500

Case IH code readers are a great way to quickly find the cause of an electronic fault code. These readers are made to work with specific equipment, so they can easily and quickly determine which problem is causing the code to appear. If you’re having trouble with your Case IH PUMA 500 tractor, a code reader may be able to help you.

Case IH PUMA 600

The Case IH PUMA 600 is equipped with a code reader that can read trouble codes and provide troubleshooting information. This tool is used to determine the causes of electronic systems failures and quickly fix them. A code reader is a useful tool for anyone who is in need of troubleshooting assistance, especially for someone who does not have the time or knowledge to read service manuals.

Case IH PUMA 800

If you’re having trouble with your Case IH PUMA 800, there’s a chance the fault code could be affecting your machine. If this happens, you can consult the user manual for more details. It is possible that the problem could be caused by engine overheating, or by the engine operating at too high a ground speed for the conditions. If you’re unsure, you can contact your local Case IH dealer.