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The Alto Shaam Combitherm is a multi-purpose oven that can be used in steam, convection, re-therm, and combination modes. The combination of these features makes it a top choice for restaurants. If you’re having trouble using your Combitherm, check out these troubleshooting tips. Error codes can be caused by a number of different problems, including a malfunctioning auxiliary fan, a malfunctioning sensor, or even a programming error. You can contact a repair technician to diagnose your issue and make the necessary repairs.


Alto Shaam Combitherm

The Alto Shaam Combitherm is a multifunctional oven that can be used for baking, roasting, grilling, and steam cooking. The oven features convection, steam, retherm, and combination cooking modes, making it ideal for restaurants and commercial kitchens. If you notice an error code on your Alto Shaam Combitherm, you should visit a qualified repair technician to identify and fix the problem.

Cooks food in steam, convection, retherm and combination modes

Alto-Shaam’s innovative rack management system is designed to make food preparation and holding easy and efficient. This system includes the Combitherm, which allows you to cook, reheat and hold foods in a single unit. This innovative approach is a turnkey solution for high-volume production. The rack management system features interchangeable roll-in carts. Menu items can be rolled into the Combitherm and then moved to the Alto-Shaam Quickchiller for holding for up to five days.


The CTP6-10E Combitherm Combi Oven combines steam and convection cooking to maximize cooking flexibility. This oven also includes retherm mode, which helps bring food products up to serving temperature. It has five fully automatic cleaning cycles, a triple-pane glass door and adjustable legs. It is made from sturdy stainless steel. The CTP6-10G combi oven is available in a gas configuration and is large enough to hold up to seven full-size hotel pans. Its gas engine generates 48,000 BTUs, which means that it will be a powerful option for cooking large quantities of food.

The CombiTouch and ExpressTouch touchscreen controls are easy to use. The CombiTouch allows you to control cooking temperatures and other features with the touch of a finger. Using the CombiTouch controls makes cooking as easy as possible. You can adjust the temperature and time as you need, and you can even adjust the cooking time.

The Combitherm features an auto steam mode that allows you to open the door while cooking. The Combitherm steams at 212degF or higher automatically. This feature enhances yield, quality and shelf life. The Convection and Combination modes also enhance yield. The combination mode is especially efficient for baking and broiling because it can reduce cooking temperatures by up to 10%.

The Steam function allows you to steam, poach and blanch your food. This mode automatically adjusts the temperature of the water to the boiling point. Quick-steam allows you to cook foods quickly and easily, while low-temperature steam is used for delicate products. The display also displays the last time you set the time for your cooking and the default time.

You can cook food in steam, convection, or combination modes with Alto-Shaam. Its intuitive interface and multiple cooking modes allow you to create the perfect meal. All functions of the oven can be controlled with just a few clicks.

To customize a recipe, you can go to the Alto-Shaam website. This website provides step-by-step instructions and a Recipe Management Software. You can also download data for your Combitherm. This data will show you what cooking temperature to use.

Error codes

The Alto-Shaam Combitherm is a multipurpose oven that can cook your food in steam, convection, retherm, or combination modes. It’s a popular choice among chefs and restaurants. But if your Alto-Shaam Combitherm has an error code, you may need to contact a service technician to identify the problem and solve it.