why does sykkuno cover his smile

If you’ve watched Sykkuno’s League of Legends videos on Twitch, you might have noticed that he always covers his mouth when he laughs. This curious habit has raised a lot of questions, and Sykkuno himself has not answered them yet.


‘I AM CORPSE’ hoodie

Sykkuno and Corpse Husband have been online buddies for quite some time, and both have even collaborated on several online projects. Though they haven’t actually met in person yet, Sykkuno accepted his gift of Corpse’s merchandise with a wholesome smile in a recent TikTok. The video was shared by Twitch star Pokimane, who said that Sykkuno was extremely excited when he received his gift.

Sykkuno removed his sweater and put on a new hoodie. Sykkuno was surprised by how much his ‘I AM CORPSE’ hoodie covered his smile. He then went to Corpse’s room and sat down at his desk. He opened his twitter account.


Sykkuno is accompanied by Rae and Toast. Sykkuno is a little nervous, but he tries his best. Rae decides to give him some time before selecting a back up.

Sykkuno had been streaming for about an hour when Corpse walked in. He’d signed off only an hour before, so it was a pleasant surprise. Sykkuno moved over to a couch beside his desk and then Corpse followed him. Corpse’s voice sounded scratchier than usual, so Sykkuno waited for him to leave before he could get off him. The two cuddled for quite a while, and then Sykkuno took it in turns to tell the rest.

Despite his newfound popularity, Sykkuno has not always smiled, so many fans have noticed this and commented on his smile. They have also given him compliments on his smile, and some Reddit users claimed that it was beautiful. You can see it in the video above.

Tradition of blackening teeth

The tradition of blackening the teeth of Sykkuno has been around for many centuries. It is a tradition that dates back to the early kingdoms. The black stain left by betel chewing was considered a sign of beauty. It was also a common activity during courtship.

Today, the tradition is still practiced in some remote ethnic groups in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Although it has declined in popularity after the introduction of Western beauty standards during the colonial period, the practice is still practiced by some minority groups in China, the Pacific Islands, and some younger women. However, some people have turned to artificial teeth to achieve the black color they desire.

The process was performed daily or every few days. The results were almost permanent. Skeletons from the Edo period still display black teeth, indicating that the practice was a common practice. In the eighth and tenth centuries AD, the practice was particularly popular. It was practiced by many aristocratic classes.

Sykkuno’s fans believe this tradition has its roots in the practice of Ohaguro, which is a Chinese practice of blackening teeth. In ancient times, people would blacken their teeth to distinguish married people from unmarried ones. However, Sykkuno himself has denied any relation to the blackening of teeth, stating that the habit was a reaction to bullying.

Motivation for hiding his smile

Known for his League of Legends content, Sykkuno’s Twitch channel has grown tremendously in popularity. However, his shy personality and peculiar habits have sparked a lot of speculation. Recently, Sykkuno revealed that he was hiding his smile as a means to protect himself from bullying.

His fans have speculated about the reasons behind his cover of the mouth during laughter since he started his career on Twitch. While there have been a variety of reasons cited by viewers, Sykkuno has stated that he does it out of habit, and does not believe it’s related to any ancient Chinese tradition.

When Lily asked Sykkuno a question about his last night, Sykkuno’s face turned bright red. He started making excuses and waved his hand frantically. This only piqued Lily’s curiosity, and she pressed him to explain.

Despite being one of the most prominent League of Legends streamers, Sykkuno also recently started streaming Among Us, one of the most popular games at the moment. The game’s popularity caused his career to skyrocket and he has since surpassed the Million-subscriber mark. The video of Sykkuno meeting Corpse even trended on Twitter.