why does my ac compressor shut off after 23 minutes

The question of why does my AC compressor shut off after two to three minutes is one that many people face. As with any electrical machine, they are bound to have problems from time to time. Sometimes, these short-cycling problems are the result of years of use. Here are some possible causes.


Low refrigerant

If your AC compressor keeps shutting off after two or three minutes, it may be due to low refrigerant. Low refrigerant levels can damage your system’s compressor, which turns on and off in response to rising or falling pressure. These cycles can cause massive wear on your system’s parts and even cause the system to fail. If you suspect that your AC compressor is malfunctioning, call your local HVAC company for immediate repair.

Overcharging the system can cause liquid Freon to get into the compressor, causing it to overheat. Another common cause is clogged filters. These prevent air from flowing properly and prevent your air conditioner from taking in heat efficiently. The coils may also be dirty or frozen, preventing adequate airflow.


Faulty relay

If your ac compressor shuts down after about two to three minutes, the problem could be due to a faulty relay or capacitor. These components, located in the compressor, need a full voltage to work. A faulty relay may cause the compressor to shut down, but it can also be caused by a broken component inside the machine.

First, you must check the wiring of your AC system. Make sure it is properly insulated and has no exposed wires or corroded contacts. In case you find a wire that is corroded, you can replace it with a new one. However, you must be sure to check for other issues, such as short circuits, which can also result in your AC not working.

Dirty condenser coils

If you’ve been experiencing a sudden shutdown of your air conditioner, then chances are that your condenser coils are dirty. This can lead to a number of problems with your unit. First of all, it can lead to a malfunction of the compressor. This means that it may have to shut down more frequently. Second, a broken compressor can damage other parts of the AC, meaning it will have a shorter lifespan.

Another common problem caused by dirty condenser coils is poor airflow. When the condenser coils are clogged with debris, the airflow is decreased, and the compressor will have to work harder to cool the room. Additionally, your air conditioning unit will be too cold and might even freeze over. Fortunately, the problem is easy to solve. A simple way to get rid of this problem is to clean the coils with an ac wash cover. These covers are easy to use and ensure that the air inside your home remains as cool as possible.

Faulty capacitor

The most common reason for your AC compressor to shut off is a faulty capacitor. The capacitor is a critical part of the compressor that provides continuous power to other components. It can be overloaded by a power surge, a lightning strike, or simply normal wear and tear. In such cases, a replacement capacitor can resolve the problem.

The wiring inside the compressor should be insulated and properly packed away from the casing. If the wires are exposed, they can trip the AC breaker. If the wires are severely damaged or are bare, you should replace them with new ones.