why does hulu keep freezing

If you have a PC or an Android mobile device, you might have noticed that your Hulu experience has suddenly froze up. This problem can occur while streaming content or when launching a new stream. While this problem is most common to mobile devices, it also happens on PCs. If you’re experiencing this issue, you may want to try these steps: restart your modem or router, force close the app, and clear its cache.


Rebooting your router or modem

If you’re having trouble streaming Hulu, you may want to try rebooting your router or modem. This will help to clear out any temporary software problems and will fix minor freezing issues. If the problem persists, try switching to a different router, or plugging your device directly into the modem. If none of those steps help, you may want to consider buying a whole-home WiFi system or a new router.

If your Hulu keeps freezing after you reboot your router or modem, the issue is more likely to be with your home WiFi router. In this case, power cycling will reset your device’s operating system, which will reset the Hulu app. Rebooting your modem or router will not fix the problem, but it will clear any cached data.


Many routers can be rebooted remotely by visiting the appropriate website. Look for the word “reboot” in the site’s description. Then, use the router tools to find the appropriate option. When you’re ready to reboot, make sure you’re not doing a full factory reset, which will wipe all of your settings back to default.

Clearing the cache on Hulu

If you’ve been experiencing intermittent issues with your video streaming on Hulu, the first thing you need to do is clear the cache on your PC and browser. This can sometimes cause issues with Hulu because it shares the same cache with other online activities. You can also uninstall the Hulu app if you’re using it on iOS.

This will automatically reset your Hulu app to its default settings. The Hulu app will still be available for streaming, but it will take a little bit longer to load. If you’ve tried clearing the cache but your problem hasn’t improved, you may want to re-log in to the service.

If you’re trying to watch Hulu on your TV, the problem could be with your network connection. You need to check your connection speed, as a poor network connection can cause Hulu to freeze during commercials. If your network connection is fine, you can try clearing the cache.

Force closing the app

If you’re experiencing Hulu app freezing, there are a few things you can do to resolve this issue. First, you need to check your device’s compatibility with Hulu. If Hulu is still not compatible, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it from the App Store. If this doesn’t work, report the crash to Hulu customer support. When you submit a support request, provide as much information as possible about your device and account. Also, if possible, take a screenshot of the error message.

If the issue is not related to the Hulu app, you should clear your mobile device’s cache. This process can fix a wide variety of problems, including crashes. This method will delete data on your phone but won’t remove the Hulu app. However, it will take your device a little longer to boot up.

To force close the Hulu app on your device, first, you need to remove any other apps that might be interfering with Hulu. You can do this by trying to remember which apps you’ve installed recently. Then, open the Apps section in your device’s Settings Menu. Select all the applications you’ve recently installed. You should repeat the process with each application until everything is gone.

Reinstalling the app

If Hulu keeps freezing when playing commercials on your phone or tablet, you should check your internet connection. Make sure that you’re getting the required download speed and try rebooting your device or router. If none of those steps solve your problem, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. To do this, turn off your device and hold down the Hulu icon until it starts wiggling. Then, press the X icon to remove it.

Sometimes, the Hulu app stops working because it’s not recognizing your device. If you’ve logged in to the same Hulu account on several devices from different locations, this can cause this issue. You can deactivate the device from the Hulu settings by choosing Manage Devices and then removing it. After that, re-add the device by entering the device’s code.

In some cases, the problem can also be due to a bug in a previous update. In such cases, it may be necessary to install a new version of Hulu from the Microsoft store. If that doesn’t help, you can also try reinstalling the app through the web browser instead. However, you should be aware that the performance of Hulu on your computer will depend on the speed of your internet connection.