what the fuck is up dennys

Recently, a five-second video has taken the internet by storm, capturing a hardcore concert inside Denny’s. Since being posted by a band called Live Without, it has accumulated more than 2.7 million views. The video is just a taste of what goes on inside the Denny’s.


Denny’s became a mosh pit

Last year, a teen held a birthday party at a Denny’s in Orange County, California, and a mosh pit broke out. The event caused damage to the restaurant’s furniture, and the band playing at the birthday party later started a GoFundMe to cover the costs. In the aftermath of the incident, Denny’s rock concerts have become a regular thing in Orange County.

Video footage of the event has since gone viral, reaching more than 800,000 views on Instagram. Customers who were at the party may have been in for a special treat. The mosh pit, which turned the restaurant into a mosh pit, may have been the ultimate experience for patrons.


A video of the concert has gone viral, highlighting the chaos and noise of a live concert at a Denny’s. A video posted to Instagram by the Long Beach-based band Wacko shows the crazed, rowdy show. The band’s fans have even reached out to the band to help cover the damages.

The video of the concert also made the restaurant famous for its hard-core performances. The videos show fans mosh while the band rocked out. Some fans even went so far as to crowd-surf into the overhead lights. This caused such a mess that Nat had to wipe the sweat off of a window behind the stage.

Live Without or Ordinary Life played there

A five-second clip of a hardcore show at Dennys has gone viral, generating millions of views and likes. The band Live Without posted the video on YouTube on May 19th, 2013, and it quickly gained 1.1 million views. The video is a snippet from a full four-minute video by the band.

The band’s performance went viral, and it’s not just Dennys that’s having problems. Despite the high popularity of the video, people still complain about the band’s sound quality. The band has announced a show in a Santa Ana Denny’s sometime in 2019.

The show was a blast, but it was also filled with sweaty punks. Even Wacko could barely be seen through the crowd. The energy in the Dennys was frantic, and people were jumping off booths, crowdsurfing into overhead lamps, and turning the center of the room into a cyclone pit. In one video, Nat wipes sweat from the window behind the stage as the crowd screams for their food. Despite the frantic energy, the band suffered from $1,000 in damages, and asked for donations for replacing the damages.

Violence at Denny’s

There has been some recent violence at Denny’s, with a TV reporter beaten and robbed of his video camera. The incident took place in the parking lot at 1 a.m. on Easter Sunday. Police say it all started with an argument. The woman had invited the man to sit at her table. He started talking about his wife and kids and then pulled out a silver handgun. He put his finger on the trigger. Other customers noticed what was happening and called the police.

The manager at Denny’s then chased them back to their tables and refused to let the motorcycle gang members out of the restaurant. He also refused to give them food or provide protection from the gang. He even threatened to call the police. The women were very upset about the situation and demanded answers.

Kelly Gray filed a lawsuit against Denny’s Corporation for wrongful assault in 2008. She sought compensatory, exemplary, and punitive damages in the lawsuit. The group had been causing disturbances at the restaurant for several months. The lawsuit alleged that the restaurant should have acted on her request to quiet the group.

The shooting occurred at a Denny’s near Interstate-5, with the suspect a male with dreadlocks. It took place around 5:30 a.m. on Saturday. The suspect, a man in his late 30s, parked his black Chrysler sedan in the parking lot and then entered the restaurant. Afterward, the group split up and one of them left. The second part of the group then entered the restaurant. When the other part left, a black man with dreadlocks entered the car and drove to the front of the restaurant.

The Anaheim Denny’s, near the Angels Stadium, is just four miles from Disneyland and attracts a large crowd after nightclubs close. The incident began in a nearby nightclub and spilled out into the parking lot. A young man, 18, was shot in the parking lot, and his name was not released. The video of the shooting showed him lunging at the gunman and being shot at close range.

Earnings for the band

The Hardcore rock band Wacko recently destroyed a Denny’s in Santa Ana, California. Denny’s wanted the 17-year-old to pay for the damages, but he didn’t know they were playing. The teenager started a GoFundMe page and the campaign has surpassed its fundraising goals. In response, Denny’s released a statement.

It was an unforgettable concert, with the band hitting the stage as hardcore rockers. The crowd of hardcore kids outnumbered the restaurant’s seating capacity and the concert lasted for 20 minutes. The show caused damage to tables, chandeliers, and other property. A GoFundMe fundraiser was started to help the Denny’s cover the costs. In the meantime, the restaurant has been transformed into a mosh pit, with the band hoping to earn another $1,000.