what kind of dog is samson in the black phone

If you’re wondering, “What kind of dog is Samson in the black phone?” then you’re in luck. He’s a cross between a newfoundland and great dane, is a world-class fetch player, and is incredibly friendly to humans. In other words, Samson wouldn’t harm a fly.


Samson is a cross between a great dane and a newfoundland

Jennifer Laddy, the dog’s owner, found Samson on the floor of a pet store. He was sitting by a fan, and the store owner told her that Samson was very hot. When Jennifer picked him up, he was unable to stand and his back legs had given out. The family was devastated.

Samson is a three-year-old cross between a Great Dane and a Newfoundland. He is 6ft 5ins tall on his hind legs and weighs almost 19 stone and 10lbs. Although he looks like a fierce beast, Samson’s owners claim that he’s a friendly and gentle dog. His size is such that he requires an over-sized collar that fits his neck and chest.


Because of his giant size, Samson has been mistaken for a lion once. However, his barking helped the owners catch him in time. The breed weighs about 280 pounds. The dog’s coat is thick and double-layered, with a soft undercoat and a coarse outer coat.

Samson was born as a 6 month-old puppy in a shelter. His parents were not meant to breed, but they had a litter of 11 puppies, of which Samson was the biggest. He was so large that he was thrown out of the Guinness World Records due to overfeeding.

Although Great Danes are generally healthy dogs, they need special attention and proper nutrition. Their slow metabolism makes them prone to developing certain diseases. Their high weight also puts them at risk for hip dysplasia, gastric torsion, and heart disease. Nevertheless, despite their size, Great Danes are extremely trainable dogs. Early socialization is essential to maintain their good temperament.

He’s a champion fetch player

Samson is a 7-year-old champion fetch player. This dog can push a ball by himself and run to catch it. He is also a calm couch potato who loves cuddles and television time with his humans. He is an excellent listener and is a very affectionate dog.

He’s friendly to humans

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He wouldn’t harm a fly

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