The common units of Teekay Offshore Partners trade under the symbol “TOO” in New York. There are two types of symbols used by the company: CFVO and TOO. The CFVO symbol is used for assets that were acquired from Teekay Parent during periods prior to the acquisition of Teekay Offshore, LNG, and Tankers.


Teekay Offshore Partners LP is a service provider in the oil industry, focusing on the oil production activities of its customers. It operates in several offshore oil regions including the North Sea, Brazil, and the East Coast of Canada. The company employs approximately 8,000 people on land and at sea.


The company pays cash distributions to unitholders of its preferred units. The company also pays cash distributions on its common units. The company is planning to reinvest its cash in its business and strengthen its balance sheet. It will pay $0.01 per common unit for its third quarter 2017 distribution.

The company has announced changes in its Board of Directors, and plans to change its name to Altera Infrastructure L.P. and rebrand under the new name. While it is changing its name, it is keeping its preferred unit symbol. The new name will go live on March 24, 2020.


Teekay Offshore Partners L.P. is a publicly-traded master limited partnership. The company owns 62 offshore assets, including shuttle tankers, conventional tankers, and floating production and storage units. It also has rights to participate in certain FPSO opportunities. Teekay Offshore Partners’ common units trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TOO.

Teekay LNG is the largest independent LNG carrier in the world. It provides liquefied gas services through long-term fee-based charters. Its portfolio includes 47 LNG carriers, twenty-four LPG carriers, and seven multi-gas carriers. It also owns a 30 percent interest in an LNG reginification terminal. Its preferred units trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

CFVO relating to assets acquired from Teekay Parent for the periods prior to their acquisition by Teekay Offshore, Teekay LNG and Teekay Tankers

Cash Flow from Vessel Operations (CFVO) is a measure of operating cash flow that reflects net income from vessel operations less expenses (depreciation, amortization, in-process revenue contracts) and corporate expenses (net interest expense). In addition to cash flow from vessel operations, CFVO also includes the amount of cash distributed under derivative charter contracts, settlement of foreign currency forward contracts, and the amount of realized gains on interest rate swaps.

Teekay Parent had total liquidity of $271.9 million at September 30, 2017 (including cash and $40.2 million in undrawn revolving credit facilities), compared to consolidated total liquidity of $627.7 million (including $453.3 million in cash and $174.4 million in undrawn revolving credits). The company has a long history of achieving positive returns on investments and has a strong financial position.

Teekay Corporation is a publicly-listed company with subsidiaries in the marine midstream sector. Its subsidiaries include Teekay LNG Partners L.P. and Teekay Offshore Partners L.P. and its fleet of approximately two20 tanker assets. Teekay Offshore, LNG, and Tankers are all publicly-traded companies.

Teekay Corporation also reports net earnings of publicly traded subsidiaries. Teekay Offshore has been consolidated with Teekay Parent until September 25, 2017, when it became an equity-accounted company. In the third quarter of 2017, the company recorded impairment charges of $316.7 million.

The Company also announced that it has taken delivery of its third of four SX-157 Ulstein Design ultra-long-distance towing newbuildings. These vessels were constructed by Niigata Shipbuilding & Repair. The shipyard has paid Teekay Offshore $8.1 million for the project.

Revenues from Teekay Tankers decreased due to lower average spot tanker rates. During the third quarter of 2017, spot tanker rates were affected by seasonal weakness and global inventory drawdowns. However, spot tanker rates improved during the fourth quarter, largely due to improving crude oil rates. In addition, a number of refineries returned to seasonal maintenance and long-haul movements boosted tanker ton-mile demand.

The company’s net income is also affected by non-controlling interests’ shares. Non-controlling interests’ share in a subsidiary’s income or loss is calculated by multiplying the amounts arising from the subsidiary by their respective percentage of ownership.

Dividend history

If you’re looking for a company that has a solid dividend history, you should check out Teekay Offshore Partners L.P. TOO has paid 12 dividends since February 7, 2007. This is a great company to invest in if you are interested in offshore oil and gas. Its recent history of dividend payments will give you a good idea of what the future holds.

The company recently announced changes to its board of directors. It has also announced plans to rebrand itself as Altera Infrastructure L.P., a new name for its parent company. In the meantime, Teekay Offshore preferred units continue to trade under the TOO PR A, B, and E symbols.

Teekay Offshore Partners LP (NYSE:TEK) is an international midstream service provider. It offers oil production, storage, long-distance towage, and offshore installation and maintenance services. Its fleet includes shuttle tankers, conventional tankers, FSO units, towage vessels, and other oil and gas assets.


In a lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York against Teekay Offshore Partners, L.P., the plaintiff J Deal Partnership I, L P filed a contract-security-litigation against the defendants. The suit was overseen by Judge Ronnie Abrams. Among the other parties in this action are BAM and BBP, which have corporate offices in New York and hold annual investor meetings in New York. In addition, individual defendants John Weathers, Bill Transier, and Denis Turcotte live in Bermuda and Texas respectively.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit allege that the defendants engaged in sustained manipulations and squeezing of minority unitholders in the partnership’s stock price. They claim that the defendants forced the partnership to issue multiple series of preferred stock and notes, which were unjustified and unsustainable. They also allege that the defendants buried Teekay units in the capital structure, resulting in a loss of value.

The company is a leading provider of offshore petroleum services. However, in the past three years, Teekay’s stock price has fallen 90%, mainly due to declining oil prices and increased competition. As a result, the company’s management and board of directors have failed to protect the interests of common unitholders. As a result, a class action lawsuit has been filed against the defendants.

The Plaintiffs allege that Teekay Offshore Partners L.P., which is organized under Marshall Islands law, holds a 0.76% general partner interest in TOO. The partnership agreement was amended and restated prior to the date of this lawsuit. It also states that TOO GP is the owner of TOO GP’s general partner interest, which is free and clear of all Liens.

The Defendants assert that they have properly maintained disclosure controls and procedures as required by the Exchange Act. They have no labor disputes or other labor problems with their principal suppliers and contractors. The Defendants further assert that their internal accounting controls are effective, which they maintain in compliance with the Exchange Act.