What is the Next Number in a Geometric Sequence?

Mateus Santos

what is the next number in the sequence 93113

In mathematics, the next number in a series is equal to 1/9, or 1/3 of the previous number. This is known as the geometric sequence. It is a perfect example of a number series. It can be used as a starting point for other mathematics problems.


If you are looking for the next number in a geometric sequence, you can look for 1/9. The next number is the reciprocal of the previous one and is a division of nine by three. Using the same method as with ordinal numbers, you can also find the next number in a series by dividing one term by two others.

One method for finding the next number in a sequence is by writing down the commonalities of the terms. For example, if the first term is a fraction, it is easy to write a formula that shows 1/9 as the next number. Then, you can multiply by the reciprocal of the remainder, which is 1/3. Thus, 1/9 is equal to 1/27 or 1/81.