what is hygro cotton

Hygro cotton is a patented spinning technology that makes it an ideal choice for bed sheets. It is a high-quality, 100% cotton yarn that becomes softer and more comfortable with every wash. Its temperature-regulating properties have earned it a place in hotels as well as high-end bedding.



Hygro cotton is a fast-drying, high-quality fabric. It is usually made from cotton and polyester. It is spun into pile yarns which are then woven with cotton warps and wefts. These yarns are then washed in warm water. This dissolves the PVA fibres, creating hollow air pockets. This process gives hygro cotton towels a loftier, softer, and more durable look.

Hygro cotton towels are super-soft, quick-drying, and machine-washable. The reverse side of these towels is made from 2-ply terry. Hygro cotton bath towels from Coyuchi are large enough to dry the whole body in a single wash, but they are also small enough to fit in a handbag. Hygro cotton bath towels are incredibly soft, and they get softer with every wash.



The patented hollow core process of hygroCotton produces a fabric that feels exceptionally soft and breathable. Its softness and durability make HygroCotton towels and sheets a luxurious and environmentally-friendly choice. Unlike ordinary cotton, HygroCotton towels and sheets maintain their loft for up to 30 washes.

This technology makes HygroCotton Towels absorb more moisture and dry faster, while their softness increases with each wash. In fact, these towels even bloom after washing. They also contain special patented hollow core cotton technology called Charisma Soft, which improves softness.

Easy to maintain

Hygro cotton is a patented spinning technology that creates soft, fluffy towels and bedding. This fabric absorbs water and dries quickly. Moreover, it blooms after washing, giving it an extra fluffy feel. This technology also creates cotton yarn with a hollow core, which enhances airflow and offers good padding. As a result, hygro cotton is very easy to maintain.

Hygro cotton towels are a great option for those who are concerned about the environment. They are non-toxic, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic. Moreover, they are hygienic, as they have a high absorbency. The best part is that these products are quite affordable. You can shop for a variety of hygro cotton sheets and comforters at buyandslay.

Safe for the skin

Hygro cotton is a sustainable fiber that is safe for the skin and can be used in bath and body products. Its hollow-core yarns become more lofty with every wash and are colorfast up to 30 times. These fabrics are also tested for harmful chemicals and are produced sustainably. Hygro towels are made with 100% fair trade cotton and are woven with care. They are ultra-absorbent and feel soft against the skin.