DenoDB is a database that stores everything in PostgreSQL. It is a proxy that converts Mongo’s wire protocol to SQL. It also has a web framework. Here are some ways you can use it. First, learn how to use it. It’s an open source project.

DenoDB is a proxy that converts Mongo’s wire protocol to SQL

The DenoDB data storage library is a proof of concept for converting Mongo’s wire protocol into SQL. It provides a fully-typed API and support for many backends, including PostgreSQL. Wide database support is crucial to library adoption, since users tend to prefer ecosystem-specific tools.


It stores everything in PostgreSQL

The PostgreSQL database server provides a number of features that developers and system administrators can use to manage data and build applications. It is a free and open source database system that is extensible. It allows users to define their own data types and build custom functions. In addition, users can use code written in other programming languages without recompilation.

It has a web framework

The web framework of DenoDB allows developers to easily build and deploy complex web applications. Its API is designed to be as simple as possible to make it easy to start using it. It also supports multiple database types, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.