what is a rem pod

The REM-Pod is an electronic telescopic device that detects changes in EM fields caused by objects entering or exiting them. It uses five different LED lights with a distinct audible tone to alert users to objects moving in and out of the EM field. Its telescopic antenna provides 360-degree coverage.



The REM-Pod is a small electronic device which detects energy in an electromagnetic field. The device alerts the user through sound and lights whenever something moves into the field. It is capable of detecting up to five levels of energy. Its design is such that it can be placed anywhere and is ideally suited for detecting energy from a distance. The REM-Pod’s five-coloured LED lights emit different tones depending on the level of energy and the distance between them.

The REM-Pod was invented by a team of paranormal investigators, and has since been widely used in mainstream investigations. The device is a small, compact device that has a 360-degree antenna. The antenna detects changes in the area, such as the presence of ghosts. The REM-Pod then emits an electro-magnetic field, which is believed to communicate with spirits. It also uses colored lights and sounds to activate alarms.


REM-Pod with Temp

The REM-Pod with Temp is a paranormal activity detector that uses magnetic fields to detect energy and temperature. The device is designed to be left in a fixed location and can be used in multiples to track energy movement. It has five levels of sensitivity and an automatic baseline adjustment. The device also detects nearby electromagnetic fields and conductive objects.

The REM-POD with Temp has a built-in ambient temperature sensor that can detect changes in temperature. When the temperature changes, the REM-POD will notify the investigator of the change. An audible tone will also notify them of this change. The REM-POD with Temp can be used in a variety of situations, and has a warranty of one year.

The REM-Pod is a lightweight, compact device with a small antenna. It can detect changes in the temperature and other factors that may indicate the presence of spirits. It also emits audible tones and lights to warn the user. It can detect energy in the surrounding environment by monitoring its four-color LED lights. The device also allows the user to record their findings.

REM-Pod with ATDD

The REM-Pod with ATDD uses Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection (ATDD) technology to detect changes in the ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature reaches the preset threshold, the device will sound an alarm and provide an audible tone. It can also detect changes in the human EMF field.

The REM-Pod has multiple sensitivity levels. It is programmable to detect changes in sensitivity, which makes it ideal for paranormal research. It has five settings: low, medium, high, and ultra-low. The REM-Pod’s switch lets you adjust the level of sensitivity depending on how close the device is to you. It also has automatic baseline adjustment and is resistant to nearby fields and conductive objects.

REM-Pod with ATDD is a new version of the original device that released in May 2017. The ATDD feature detects fluctuations in ambient temperature and alerts the user. The device also has an antenna for detecting EMF disturbances.

REM-Pod with EMT

The REM-Pod with EMT is a great trigger prop that produces its own EMF. It allows users to adjust the sensitivity and detect hot and cold spots in their environment. It also produces audible tones when the field is disturbed. The higher the pitch, the more disturbance it detects. You can also adjust the sensitivity level manually. The device requires a 9v battery. Here’s how to use it:

The REM-Pod with EMT has a manual baseline adjustment (MBA). Typically, the device needs ten minutes to adjust to the ambient temperature. If it doesn’t, simply push the ATDD ZERO button. The device will then mute its sound.

The Rem-Pod with EMT is an excellent tool for paranormal research. It has been featured on shows such as Ghost Adventures. The device also has features such as a Programmable REM, a range and zero function, and an increased sensitivity around the antenna.