Do you dream of exploring the world and accumulating miles for unforgettable trips? The TAP Miles&Go American Express Card is your key to reaching new horizons!

Featuring exclusive benefits for frequent travelers, this card offers advantages for all travelers and will ensure even more benefits when making your purchases.


In this article, we’ll unveil the exclusive benefits waiting for you with this card, from accelerated mile accumulation to VIP travel perks. Follow along and discover more!

Why opt for the TAP Miles&Go card?

The TAP Miles&Go American Express card has been highly sought after, mainly because of the benefits it brings to its customers when traveling. And that’s why it’s highly recommended.


See each of the main benefits of the card and how it can be ideal for you:

Mileage system

TAP Miles&GO is a loyalty program that offers the opportunity to accumulate miles on every flight and purchase made.

These miles can be exchanged for a variety of benefits, such as flights to any destination in the TAP Portugal network and its Star Alliance partners.

You can also have upgrades to improve your service class on TAP Portugal flights, travel benefits such as extra baggage check-in and access to VIP lounges. As well as participation in exclusive experiences such as auctions and special events.

With TAP Miles&GO, your loyalty is rewarded with a plethora of benefits to make your travels even more memorable and rewarding.

Exclusive benefits

The TAP Miles&GO program offers a range of exclusive benefits for its members, including:

  • Status Miles: By reaching a higher status level in the program, members can enjoy even more advantages. Such as mileage bonuses on flights, priority check-in and boarding, access to VIP lounges, and an extra baggage allowance.
  • Exclusive Offers: Members have access to special offers. Including discounts on flights, hotels, car rentals, and more, providing additional savings on their travels.
  • Personalized Service: The program offers dedicated support to assist members with their queries and needs, ensuring a smooth and satisfying travel experience.

These exclusive benefits make TAP Miles&GO American Express an ideal choice for travelers looking to maximize their travel experiences and make the most of every journey.

Free baggage

Enjoy the freedom to travel with peace of mind thanks to the free baggage program offered by TAP Portugal.

As part of this exclusive benefit, members can check up to two extra bags per year on TAP Portugal flights at no additional cost.

This means you can bring along more belongings without worrying about extra baggage fees, ensuring a more comfortable and convenient travel experience.

Now, you can explore new destinations and enjoy your travels with even more freedom and convenience.

Premium Boarding

Enjoy the privilege of Premium Boarding on all flights operated by TAP Portugal.

With this exclusive benefit, you have priority access to boarding, allowing you to bypass queues and optimize your time at the airport.

Whatever your travel destination, you’ll be able to enjoy a faster and more convenient boarding experience, allowing you to start your journey with peace of mind and comfort from the moment you step into the airport.

Immediate card usage

After your card is approved, you can start using it immediately for your everyday purchases.

This means you can enjoy all the benefits offered from the get-go.

Whether for online purchases, in-store shopping, or anywhere else cards are accepted, you can enjoy the advantages of your card as soon as it’s in your hands.

No need to wait – start enjoying the benefits and convenience of your new card as soon as it’s approved.

How do I apply for my card?

Now that you know all the benefits of the Tap Miles&Go American Express card, see the simple step-by-step process for you to apply for yours and enjoy all the travel benefits even more:

  • Access the TAP Miles&Go website.
  • Choose “Apply Now.”
  • Fill out the form with all your personal details.
  • Complete with your contacts.
  • Provide your documentation and income information.
  • Complete the form and submit.

Now just wait for your TAP Miles&GO to be approved. And you can enjoy all the benefits that this credit card has to offer, ensuring all the travel benefits.

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