what is spiritomb weak to

Fairy-type Pokemon

Spiritomb was one of the toughest Pokemon in the series, but now that Fairy-type Pokemon have emerged, it has lost its edge. While it still has the potential to work against trainers, it lacks the defensive capabilities to be a reliable tank. Fortunately, this is not a major problem, as there are other ways to counter Spiritomb.


While Spiritomb is immune to battling-type, normal, and psychic attacks, it is susceptible to Fairy-type Pokemon. Despite its good spread of stats, Spiritomb’s low speed and low HP make it vulnerable to fairy moves. Strong stab moves can chip away at Spiritomb’s high defense and excellent protection, putting it at risk of being wiped out in a battle.

As a result, fairies tend to dominate the game. This means that Fairy-type Pokemon are more likely to be a viable option in a competitive metagame. While Fighting and Dragon types are still very strong, Fairy-type Pokemon have much more flexibility. With so many options available to players, it can be difficult to determine which Pokemon will dominate a particular matchup.


Since Spiritomb is a ghost and dark type, it is best to use a Fairy-type Pokemon to fight it. This means that you can use Moonblast, Play Rough, Dazzling Gleam, or any other Fairy-type move. You can also use Dark-type Pokemon to counter Spiritomb, such as hydreigon or darkrai.

Scrappy-powered Fighting moves

Scrappy-powered Fighting moves are one of Spiritomb’s main weaknesses. Scrappy-powered moves will hit any Ghost type, which includes Spiritomb. While it is still possible to use Rock Smash to kill a Ghost-type, it would only deal half damage. If you want to fight a Ghost-type with a Rock Smash, you can also use the Bug. But don’t forget that the damage that you deal to Spiritomb will be neutral.

Spiritomb is a dual-type Ghost/Dark Pokemon that was introduced in Generation IV. It is not a common Pokemon, and it is not known if it can evolve into other Pokemon. In the game, you can catch one Spiritomb a year. It has good typing and good bulk.

Spiritomb’s main weakness is a lack of speed. It is also weak to Dragon, Dark, and Ghost moves. The best way to defend yourself from Spiritomb is by using the Spirit Guard ability. This move will protect you from any direct damage and help you to protect other Pokemon from them. The effect of this move is quite devastating when paired with a Scrappy-powered Fighting move.

Despite its weakness to Fighting moves, Spiritomb can still be defeated by a strong Fairy-type Pokemon. Psychic and Normal moves will only weaken it, so a good Pokemon with high defense will be your best bet. It can’t be hit by any of its own moves, either.

Its face is covered with green orbs that represent its powers. It is not particularly fast, but it does have a long range. It can reach 12 km. Spiritomb is a good choice for offensive support in teams threatened by Haunter. It also has access to Sucker Punch and Pursuit Trapper sets. Its mischief prompted a traveler to cast a mysterious spell to bind it.

Flying and Psychic types

The weakness of Spiritomb comes from its Pursuit attack, which weakens Psychic and Ghost types. It can also be vulnerable to Sucker Punch, a move that threatens to pick off the frailest Pokemon. This attack should be avoided as much as possible, as Ghost-types typically switch out to avoid the threat. The more reliable STAB attack that Spiritomb can learn is Foul Play.

The disadvantages of Spiritomb include its lower speed and vulnerability to dark moves. As a result, this Pokémon has a very low base experience yield. However, it can be an excellent option if you are looking to use fairy-type moves. It can also be a decent option if you are looking for a Pokemon that isn’t particularly fast.

The best Pokemon against Spiritomb are the fair and fairy types. Pokemon such as Clefable, Mew, and Blissey can counter this type. Alternatively, you can use Pokemon with Psychic or Dark moves, like tyranitar or darkrai.

Spiritomb is a versatile Pokemon with high defensive stats and a good movepool. Due to its bulk, it can be an effective offensive support Pokemon. It can also be a strong setup sweeper on a team with bulkier members. However, it is not immune to flying and psychic types.

The weak points of Spiritomb are its weakness to Fairy and Ghost types. Moreover, it is immune to Normal, Fighting, and Poison types. It also has a Shadow Sneak move that attacks adjacent enemies, dealing extra damage to Ghost and Psychic enemies. Its Interference ability reduces the accuracy of nearby enemies.

Feint Attack

Spiritomb is a Ghost & Dark Pokemon that is incredibly weak to Fairy moves. Its strongest moveset is a combination of Feint Attack and Shadow Ball, which have a combined Max CP of 2,072. This moveset has the highest DPS and is the best choice for PVP battles. Both moves are extremely powerful, with Feint Attack doing 20% more damage than Shadow Ball.

While Spiritomb is weak to Feint Attack, it still has some unique strengths, making it one of the most powerful Pokemon in the Great League. Its unique typing is not common for other Pokemon, and it shares only one weakness with Fairy-types. It also has a cursed moveset, which makes it susceptible to attacks that target Fairies.

Spiritomb’s overall advantage is small, as its stat distribution makes it flexible. Its twin 92s make it more versatile than Mimikyu, giving it more options to deal with attacks with special moves. While its HP stat is lower, it has higher Defense and Spec. Defense than Mimikyu’s, which allows it to take advantage of physical moves and special attacks without risking its smaller HP stat.

In addition to having a good offensive typing, Spiritomb has solid bulk and a solid support movepool. It can provide offensive support for teams that have a strong Psychic/Ghost-type, such as Haunter. It can also act as a bulky setup sweeper against bulky teams.

The best Pokemon to use against Spiritomb are Fairy-types with good Defense stats. Fairy-type Pokemon such as Togekiss, Clefable, and Blissey can work best against it. Dark-type Pokemon, such as Palkia, Gardevoir, and Dialga are also good choices.

Shadow Ball

The Shadow Ball is one of the most powerful charged moves available to Spiritomb. Although its damage is lower than Sucker Punch, it is close to Ominous Wind’s. It offers more power, but at the cost of increased energy cost. Additionally, Shadow Ball has a later damage window.

Spiritomb first appeared in Ring Around the Roserade II, where it helped Platinum train for the Gym. In the game, it helped Platinum complete the quest A Spooky Message Unmasked, and helped Platinum defeat a Gym Leader named Cyrus. It was also used in the Master’s Eight Tournament match against Ash.

Spiritomb is a very difficult Pokémon to defeat because of its terrible moveset. It will try to put your opponent to sleep, make itself very evasive, and try to decimate your team. While this may seem like a bad strategy, it’s possible to overcome it by using a different Pokemon. For example, if your team has a Golurk, use him to counter the Spiritomb’s tactics. In addition to being faster than Spiritomb, Golurk also has foresight and Insomnia, which is immune to Shadow Ball.

If you have a Spiritomb, you may want to shift your EVs from Special Defense to Defense so you can use it against other Pokemon. Then, when you use your Shadow Ball to hit your Spiritomb, it will take less damage, which makes it a better option against physical Fighting-types. As a result, it will also be easier to wear down.

When a Pokémon is weak to Shadow Ball, it is very vulnerable to attacks from the Shadow Ball. This means that it should be used with caution, as it can cause your Pokemon to die from this move. However, it’s still possible to use a strong STAB move to 2HKO Spiritomb. Also, it can still use items in battle.