Philips Saphi TV refers to the ”Saphi” operating system, which is widely used on Philips’ more affordable European TV:s. It is under constant development and allows similar performance as Android and it requires a little more attention. It is a nicely presented Linux-based platform that follows the increasingly common GUI method of presenting rows of content service icons on a shaded background at the bottom of the screen. In addition to being Linux-based, the operating system is very stable for the use of the common man.

What can mess things up are the Apps in the Gallery on your Philips Saphi TV. For example, you can already see that there are a few apps for you to install. Or even all available apps are already installed and ready for you.

These are apps such as SVTPlay, Rakuten, Viaplay etc. It is therefore not possible to install other apps that are not available in the app gallery. Because there is no Google Play Store, and then you can not access all the world’s apps.