maplestory error code 38 reached the end of the file

If you’re getting the error message “Maplestory error code 38: File has reached the end of the file”, there are several solutions you can try to resolve this issue. These solutions will include checking your Temp folder and closing unnecessary background processes. You can also try restarting your PC or changing your game settings.



If you get a MapleStory error message that says “Error 38: File not found”, the problem is most likely caused by an unknown file extension. This error occurs because the Windows Operating System does not know how to handle this file type. In such a situation, Windows will try to look for programs that can help it.

If this error message keeps reoccurring, you should try to redownload the game. There may be a problem with the game’s servers. You can also try using a different ID. Alternatively, dc hacking may be to blame. Either way, it is best to re-log or report the error to the GM.


The most obvious way to fix MapleStory error code 38 is to remove the Temp Folder from your game’s folder. To do this, open your game’s folder. Normally, you will see three folders. The first one, Temp Folder, has random characters with a dot and a dollar sign suffix. If you notice that it does not have any of these folders, you can safely delete the Temp Folder from your computer.

If MapleStory is being blocked by your computer’s firewall, you can add it to your firewall’s exception list. This will prevent the firewall from blocking MapleStory. Additionally, you can turn off your computer’s firewall. This will prevent the program from blocking you from playing the game.


This error code is an indication that your MapleStory game has encountered a problem. The game is not running correctly because of an incomplete download or an unconnected login server. You should reinstall the game and check the file for problems. However, if you continue to get this error code, you should contact your game’s GM.

If you are unable to install MapleStory, you can try to fix it by deleting your game’s Temp Folder. First, go to your game’s main folder. You will find three folders inside this folder. Among them is the Temp Folder. You should recognize this folder by the random characters prefixed with a dot. You can also find it by its dollar sign suffix. Once you are sure that the Temp Folder isn’t causing any issues, you can transfer it to your desktop. Then, you can safely delete the Temp Folder after testing the game.

If this doesn’t help, you can try rebooting your PC and killing any malicious programs on your computer. Alternatively, you can try reinstalling MapleStory, but it can be time-consuming and will require a lot of hassle. Before you do this, ensure that you have the latest version of the MapleStory Installer client on your PC. If your internet connection is slow, you might need to wait for 8 hours or more to download the game.

Temp folder

If you’re experiencing MapleStory error code 38, it means that your game’s file has been corrupted. This happens when the game’s installer is too large and ends up being unreadable. In this case, it’s important to download it again and fix the problem.

There are several ways to fix the error code 38 problem. One way is to uninstall the game and reinstall it. Maplestory has known issues with Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 users. Often, this error occurs after closing non-system processes, such as the ThunderMS program.

Corrupted client file

If you’re experiencing this error, it’s very likely that you have a corrupted MapleStory client file. Corrupted MapleStory client files are the result of a number of different causes, including a corrupted Windows Operating System, a corrupted Windows Visual C++ installation, or a glitch with the Nexon launcher. Thankfully, there are a few ways to fix this error so you can get back to playing your game without any problems.

To solve the error, you must first check your browser’s settings. Internet Explorer and Firefox both have options to delete temporary internet files and private data. In Firefox, go to settings and select “Clear Private Data Now”. In Chrome, go to Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data. In both cases, you should select the first four items and leave the dropdown box at “The last hour”. Once the browser’s settings have been cleared, click on “Clear Browsing Data” to clear your history.