In World of Warcraft, the Umbral Shard is an in-game currency that allows players to upgrade their gear. However, in order to use this currency effectively, a player must first have a piece of gear that can be upgraded with Umbral Shards. This gear must have a score of at least 590 and a high enough expertise in the gear slot. In addition, the player must have the right number of Umbral Shards. To get these shards, the player can perform Mutated Expeditions.

Upgrade legendary hatchet from gear score 600 to gear score 602

In order to increase the power of your legendary hatchet, you must first upgrade it from gear score 600 to gear score 602, which will require the use of Umbral Shards. By upgrading your legendary hatchet to 602, you will get a new power level, and will be able to craft Legendary items. However, you should keep in mind that this method will not work for crafted items that have preset perks.


Having 600 gear score allows you to get legendary drops, which is an excellent way to earn more money in the game. By using the expertise on the gear, you will be able to scale up your gear score to 625 and get the best performance from the armor. It will also give you a higher gear score, which is a very good thing when you’re farming elite areas.

Upgrade expertise for a specific gear slot from 600 to 625

One of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of your gear is by upgrading your Expertise. You can do this by doing various tasks, and each task grants you a certain amount of Expertise. This way, you can concentrate on the gear slots that you need the most. To increase your Expertise, you will need to complete a certain number of tasks daily.


As of the January Update, there will be a new way to boost your expertise. Umbral Shards will allow you to boost your Expertise in a specific gear slot from 600 to 625. This will permanently increase your Expertise. However, you should remember that this method will not turn your gear into Legendary or grant you any other perks. It will only increase your gear’s scaling to 625 power level.

Another way to increase your Expertise for a specific gear slot from 600 to six25 in the new world is to increase the slot watermark on your gear. This will increase your Gear Score, and you can even get the cap for a gear slot at 625 with this method.

Upgrade legendary hatchet with shards

If you want to upgrade your legendary hatchet to 602 power level, you should purchase some Umbral Shards. The Umbral Shards can also be used to upgrade named items to Legendary level. The first step is to find a named item that has at least 600 Gear Score. Then, you should place it in an Expertise slot. After doing that, the legendary hatchet will automatically get an upgrade to 602 power level.

The best way to get this item is to open Gypsum Casts and craft items with at least 600 gear score. Make sure to check the item’s gear score before crafting it, because the upgrade will not be successful if the item has less than 600 Expertise. Also, be sure to check out the New World January update, which dramatically decreased fast travel costs. There is also a new, outside entrance to The Depths, so you can use it to quickly reach it.

Another way to get Umbral Shards is to complete Mutated Expeditions. Each time you complete one, you’ll earn more Umbral Shards. The higher the difficulty level, the more you’ll earn. You can also find Umbral Shards by opening Gypsum casts and crafting an item with gear score of 600 or higher. Similarly, you can get Umbral Shards by completing an Outpost Rush match.