how to use the rose toy

Using the rose toy is easy as long as you follow some instructions. There are a few things to keep in mind when using this product, including the suction intensity, size of the clitoris needed, and how to clean it. Then, you can start having fun!


Intensity of suction

When used properly, a rose toy can deliver an intense and satisfying suction sensation. Its 7-cm petals have a hole in the middle and cup the clitoris. It is made of medical-grade silicone and is powered by magnetic USB charging. While it is not TikTok-endorsed, it is considered to be the best rose toy for clitoral sex. In the UK, the Lovehoney rose toy is the most popular rose toy available.

When using the rose toy, its base can be angled upward or downward, right above or below the clitoral head. If desired, it can be pressed even deeper into the vulva, while sitting on it. Several variations of this action are possible, ranging from subtle to intense.


To use the rose toy correctly, it is essential to clean it well after use. The lubricant that came with the rose toy should be applied to the toy before and after use. While water-based lubricants are safe for silicone toys, they may cause damage to latex condoms and tampons. They can also stain sheets and cause silicone toys to wear out more easily.

Size of clitoris needed

A rose toy is a wonderful sexual tool, and you can get a lot of use out of it. Although many people just want to use it on their clits, a rose toy can also be used on other parts of the body. The navel, anus, and ears are all potential erogenous areas.

A rose toy is easy to use, but you should use lubricant before using it. A lubricant will prevent the device from irritating the labia. When you start using it, you should start slowly, and only use it at low intensity. Make sure to clean it after every use.

The clitoris should be about 3 1/2 inches long and two inches wide. The glans should be around 3/4 to one inch in diameter. A rose toy can be angled upward or downward to the clitoral head. A rose can also be used by sitting on the base so that it presses harder into the vulva. It also has the advantage of being washable and is easily charged with a magnetic docking station.

Cleaning instructions

If you own a rose toy, you may wonder how to clean it. Here are some cleaning instructions to keep your rose toy clean and free from stains. First, make sure to dry it thoroughly with a soft towel. Do not use a towel with harsh strokes, as this can harm the rose toy’s delicate surface.


A rose toy is a toy that can trigger orgasms. The product was created by Michael Lenke, who was tired of the outdated sex toy market. As many as 15% of women never experience an orgasm or have problems having them. Lenke and his wife poured their energy into developing a toy that would make these women’s dreams come true.

A rose toy works by sending air pressure and sonar waves to the clit. These pulses stimulate the nerve terminals in the clitoris to provide pleasure. The rose toy’s unique design lets users experience the various functions of a rose for indefinite periods of time. Users can operate the device by pressing its primary button two or three times. The Rose Toy has three suction settings.

Rose users can also orgasm by grinding the clitoris against an object or another human. This can also be accomplished by rocking the bud 20 degrees up and down.