how to use glintstone pebble

The Glintstone Pebble is a versatile weapon that can be used against any enemy, regardless of level or difficulty. It is easy to find and cheap to equip. It is also useful for fighting bosses and fast enemies because it can deal damage while you attack. Also, it doesn’t use a lot of FP, which means you can use it against enemies of any level until they are dead.


Ambush Shard

If you want to snare your enemy with your Ambush Shard, you must know how to use it. This spell launches a projectile from behind your target, striking them from behind and causing damage. However, this spell has a high cost, especially in the early game. This spell is only available to magic-based classes.

You can use this sorcery to launch a projectile from a long distance, which is useful against enemies with shields. It also has a delay, so it is not easy to avoid. You can obtain the shard in the Weeping Peninsula, on a corpse in the underground jail of the Witchbane Ruins. However, you should know that you need to be level 25+ to access the location.


You can also get this sorcery from the sorceress Sellen located in Waypoint Ruins, Limgrave. However, you must have an Academy Scroll to purchase it.

Swift Glinstone Shard

The Swift Glinstone Shard is a sorcery item that fires small glintstone shards at a target. It is fast-casting, and only costs 5 FP per cast. It can be used for spamming enemies and is particularly effective in PvP.

Purchasing the Swift Glinstone Shard from a Sorcery teacher will grant you access to this powerful spell. This spell is an excellent way to deal massive damage and stun your opponents. However, you need at least 12 Intelligence to learn the spell.

The Swift Glinstone Shard is not the most powerful spell in the game, but it can be very helpful in dealing with small enemies, including insects and standard soldiers. It can also be used as a launcher of special projectiles. However, it has a low FP cost of three, and requires at least 12 Intelligence to use.

Loretta’s Greatbow

Loretta’s Greatbow is a powerful bow, allowing the user to shoot at long range. It is best used when fighting field bosses. While it’s effective, it is also risky to use without spirit ashes. In addition, its casting time is long, and its FP cost is high.

Loretta’s Greatbow is an attack that the Royal Knight Loretta uses to deal massive damage. You can dodge this attack by dodging sideways or diagonally. This will create a space between you and Loretta and make it more difficult for her to hit you.

Glintstone Pebbles are useful for stuns and interrupts. However, they require a decent amount of stamina. It is possible to chain multiple pebbles for maximum damage. This is especially useful in boss fights, where it is important to stun the enemy for a moment.

Glintstone Pebble is another powerful weapon for a Sorcerer. It fires magic projectiles made from glintstone. It has a low cost and fast cast time. It can be obtained at the beginning of the game and is a staple weapon in any Mage build. It is also a starting spell for the Astrologer class. Other classes can also purchase this weapon from Sorceress Sellen in Limgrave.

Cuckoo Glintstone

The Cuckoo Glintstone Pebble is a rare stone that can be used in a variety of spells. It will pull your enemies to you and can be obtained from Sorceress Sellen. She can be found near the Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave. After giving her the Conspectus Scroll, you can purchase the stone from her.

The Glintstone Pebble can be used with the right hand. It has a large charge range and does not require a memory slot. Its power attack can skewer an enemy in the blade, allowing you to use a guard break critical to extend its range.

Glintstone is a powerful stone that is used in a variety of sorceries. In ancient times, glintstone was used by sorcerers who opposed the Raya Lucaria Academy. It is a source of wisdom that reaches beyond stone. Some people believe that the Outer Gods created these stones and granted them powers.