how to use 1891 mauser sights

Mojo rear sight

When you want to turn an old, military surplus rifle into a hunting weapon, a Mojo rear sight may be the answer. This type of sight is superior to a traditional ladder sight, and it does not detract from the value of your firearm. Not only is it highly functional, it also makes your target visible during the night.


Mausers and Mosins use similar bolt handle designs. They both have two front-locking lugs. Both bolts lock in either horizontal or vertical positions, and they are interchangeable. The Mosin’s bolt head is different from the Mauser’s, which uses a blade ejector mounted in the receiver.

The original Mosin rifle design lacked an interrupter, which would prevent double-feeding the rifle. This design was copied by Nagant, but Mosin changed it in 1930. The Mosin Commission also changed the interrupter design. It went from a one-piece design to two-pieces. The Mosin rifle’s interrupter was one of its weakest parts.



The 1891 Mauser is a classic rifle that was introduced in the late 19th century and used by militaries ever since. Its most common caliber is 7.92x57mm, but it’s also available in 9mm and 8mm. While it may seem simple to use, it can be confusing to the first-time shooter. Fortunately, there are a few quick tips that can help you use this rifle’s sights correctly.

First, make sure that your 1891 Mauser rifle’s front sight blade base fits yours. A front sight blade with a square post is easy to view and gives a well-defined sight picture. You can purchase a SnapSights sight on the internet. A MicroClick rear sight will also fit this rifle.


The MicroClick for 1891 Mauser sights add a high-quality optic to your old military surplus gun. These sights can adjust their range from 100 to 600 yards and come with replaceable apertures. This sight will transform your old surplus gun into a match-winning competitor or a trophy-bagging field gun without sacrificing its collector value. The rear sight is held in place with a pin and leaf spring. This keeps it from flopping around.

This sights can be installed on most Mauser rifles, including the 1891 Mauser. The MicroClick can be fitted to most Mauser 98-actioned rifles. Moreover, it also fits many other rifles from this era, such as the 1909 Argentine and Brazilian Mausers.

The MicroClick for 1891 Mauser sights are available in two models. One is a rear sight and the other is a front sight. The front sight is a simple design that gives a well-defined sight picture. Both the rear sight and front sight can be bought online.

Original Mauser sight

There are several ways to use 1891 Mauser sights to increase your shooting accuracy. One is by eye level inspection. Another is by firing the rifle at the target and observing the bullet’s impact. Either way, 1891 Mauser sights can be a huge help in lining up shots and hitting your target.

The 1891 Mauser is a classic rifle that was first introduced during the late 19th century and has been in use ever since by militaries. It is most commonly found in 7.92x57mm caliber, but it also comes in 8mm and 9.3mm calibers. If you are a first-time shooter, however, you might be confused by how to use the sights.