Fountain of youth is an element found in Little Alchemy 2. You can make it from elements like land, sun, and water. In addition, it gives you Immortality. But you need to know how to make it before you can use it. In this article, we’ll talk about the different elements you need to combine in order to make the fountain of youth.


Immortality is an element in Little Alchemy 2

The ‘immortality’ element is one of the more interesting ones in Little Alchemy 2. It can be used to create various items. Some of these items include the Book of Dead, the Holy Grail, and the Sun Wukong. It can also be used to create mystical creatures.

It is not possible to get Immortality in the standard game, but the Myths and Monsters content pack provides it as a starting element. You can get it by making Atmosphere from Air and Sky, an element that is essential for many intergalactic recipes. This element is incredibly useful for advancing deeper into the game.


To buy an Immortality element, you will need to purchase it from the game’s store. On Android devices, you need to click on the green “Buy” button and then enter your bank information and account password. On iOS devices, you can use your Touch ID or Face ID to confirm the purchase.

Immortality is a base element in Little Alchemy 2 that unlocks 15 special items that are available to mix and make new items. Some of these items are common, while others are legendary and rare. There is also an expansion pack that costs $3 to unlock the Immortality Recipe.

When you purchase the Myths and Monsters content pack, you can access Immortality. It is a gold-infinity symbol with a dark circular background. Once you have obtained it, the element will be added to your archive. This will give you access to 110 new items. You can also use this element to unlock mythic deities.

The Immortality element has several recipes. Each of them combines different elements to create different things. For example, you can use the Egyptian element, Ankh, to create a mummy. However, the creation of this item is not as easy as it sounds. To make it, you’ll need to combine two elements: water and earth. Lastly, you’ll need a human warrior to make it.

Unlike other elements, Immortality is not transferable from a PC to a mobile device. It’s only available as part of the Myths and Monsters content pack, and it is only available for iOS and Android mobile players. If you’re planning to purchase the Myths and Monsters content pack, be sure to use it.

Immortality is an element in Little alchemy 2. This element can be obtained by combining various elements and creating a special item. By combining the elements, you can create a human or deity, and you can also make a magical potion.

It is a starting item in the expansion Myths and Monsters

Immortality is the starting element of the new expansion Myths and Monsters in Little Alchemy 2. Players who have already purchased the main game must purchase the Myths and Monsters content pack to access Immortality. This content pack includes the Immortality element, as well as three new starter items.

To make this potion, players will need to mix up several different elements. For instance, in order to create immortality, they will need to combine earth, sun, and water. These elements will form a magical potion, which will grant a player immortality.

The Immortality recipe in Little Alchemy 2 contains 15 additional special elements. These elements can be combined to create a variety of new items, some common and some legendary. However, you cannot craft this potion in the browser version of the game.

If you’re new to Little Alchemy 2, this item will be useful for you to start playing the game. It will give you the power to create a deity. Combined with Immortality and Good, you will be able to create a human or a deity.

If you’re a fan of the game, you can also explore the new Myths and Monsters expansion. It’s a mobile-exclusive and costs $2.99. The Myths and Monsters expansion will give you access to more recipes and combos.

If you’ve enjoyed Little Alchemy, you’ll love Little Alchemy 2. It’s an action-packed adventure game that has a minimalistic aesthetic. You start with air, water, earth, and fire and work your way up. From there, you can blend and combine items to discover worlds and creatures. The game has fun flavor text and art, and there’s a huge library to explore.

It is a starting item in the standard game

A fountain of youth is an element that can be made in the standard game of Little Alchemy 2. However, this item is not obtainable until you purchase the Myths and Monsters content pack. Luckily, there are still many ways to make this element, including combining the elements of Earth and Sky to create Atmosphere. Atmosphere is an important element for advancing deeper into the game.