how to make a black hole in little alchemy 2

Unlocking critical elements

In Little Alchemy 2, you’ll need to unlock a Black Hole element. These are cosmic bodies that cannot let anything escape their immense gravitational pull. They are formed when a massive star dies. This process causes the internal thermonuclear fuels of the star to become unstable, resulting in the creation of a black hole. The density of a black hole is infinite. Consequently, the element that is created will be called a Black Hole.


Little Alchemy 2 organizes items into nine different categories. These categories include items related to death, cultural references, and more. Players can also check their element combinations in the game’s encyclopedia. However, it is important to be aware that Little Alchemy 2 is not a free game. It features a few IAPs, which can be quite frustrating. They cost 99p/99c each for two hints.

If you want to make a black hole in Little Alchemy 2, you’ll need to unlock a critical element first. Time is a vital element in the game because you need it for some recipes. To create a black hole, you’ll need to combine elements that are used for other items. This requires time, which you’ll need to spend on exploring and learning the various elements.


Food is an essential part of life and plays an important role in almost every culture. In Little Alchemy 2, food is divided into three categories: Prepared Foods, Ingredients, and Generic and Miscellaneous. Almost everything else in the world was created by man. Man-made elements are divided into four categories: Clothing, Simple Object, Complex Object, and Everything Else

Fire and air are the only two elements that can be combined together to create a black hole in Little Alchemy 2. When combined together, fire and air become one and form pressure. This is a powerful combination for creating wind or water.

Creating the Sun

Creating the Sun is one of the easiest ways to create the element in Little Alchemy 2. The process starts with the combination of Fire and Planet as the base elements. Then, you focus on the Planet to form the Sun. The process is not difficult at all and is very simple, especially if you follow some step-by-step guides.

There are over two dozen elements in Little Alchemy 2, and the Sun is one of them. Traditionally, people have associated the dark with evil and the Sun with luck, and making hay when the sun shines means making hay when the sun is shining. The Sun is the element of luck, so if you want to make hay when it shines, you need to find a way to harness this good fortune.

After creating the sun, you can craft the Sun’s energy. You can also create it by combining two other elements. Sand is created by eroding stone. Fire is made by burning wood. You can combine them to create a light bulb. As you can see, there are many ways to create the Sun. If you’d like to learn more about this element, consider visiting Gamer Journalist.

The next step to creating the Sun is to create a solar cell. Once you’ve got the solar cell, you can use it to create electricity. This is the fastest way to create electricity. Alternatively, you can combine the sun with a solar cell. In the end, you need to find all 720 elements and combine them with other elements.

Creating EVIL

In Little Alchemy 2, you can mix up various elements to make new ones. It is up to you to find the right combinations and paths to get rare elements. You can also mix up elements to create evil. There are many ways to make evil in Little Alchemy 2.

Creating time

In Little Alchemy 2, there is a new element to discover – the Black Hole. Black holes are cosmic bodies with tremendous gravitational pull. Nothing can escape their pull, and they form when the core of a massive star becomes unstable and collapses. The density of a black hole is infinite. You will be able to craft this element in Little Alchemy 2.

You must first find Time by exploring the other hundred elements. This is important because Time is only available when you have created nearly 60 combinations with the other elements. However, this doesn’t mean you should stop exploring once you find Time. In fact, it might take more than one exploration to find the element.

The key to success in Little Alchemy 2 is to unlock as many essential elements as possible. This includes creating life, which is necessary for many combinations. The game is based on current scientific theories about the creation of the Earth. The majority of the Earth is comprised of lava that has cooled. Different rocks are created from heat and pressure. Water is important for breaking things down and building life.

In Little Alchemy 2, you must combine different elements to create items. First, you need Fire and Earth. Next, you need to combine the two items to create the Sun. Once you have a Sun, you should combine these two elements to make a planet.

Creating a cloud

To create a cloud in Little Alchemy 2, you will need a body of water or land and a source of heat. Normally, clouds form when warmer air rises and cold air sinks. This cooling and condensation of the air results in the formation of clouds. However, it can also occur when the sun warms the ground. The use of dust is also required to make a cloud.

There are many ways to create clouds in Little Alchemy 2. A cloud is used to store rain water, create weather and even produce electricity. The process for making a cloud in the game is simple. The first step involves collecting water from the ground. This can be done through rain, condensation or dew. Then, you’ll need to combine the water with the other elements, which include fire, electricity and wind.

There are 720 elements in Little Alchemy 2, and each new element has its own funny flavor text. The game’s encyclopedia is an excellent resource for gaining knowledge about different elements and how to combine them to make different items. Alternatively, you can simply browse by element category to find new combinations. One of the main draws of the game is its addictive nature.