how to get rid of weed smell in car

One of the best ways to eliminate the weed smell from your car is by deep cleaning it. Taking some time to deep clean your vehicle will not only eliminate the odor but also relieve stress. You can contact a car detailing professional in your area to complete the job. These services are usually available in most communities. To find a service near you, simply type “auto detailing near me” into your search engine.


Air fresheners

One of the first things you need to do when you notice a weed smell in your car is get rid of the smell as quickly as possible. Luckily, there are several different methods you can use to eliminate the smell. Air fresheners can be plugged into the vents in your car to mask the smell.

If the smell still persists after vacuuming, then you might want to consider adding a little baking soda to the air. Baking soda absorbs odors more efficiently, so it’s an excellent option for your car. Another method involves adding coffee grounds to the car’s interior, but that can be messy.


Another option for removing the weed smell is to use special upholstery cleaning devices. This can help get rid of the smell in upholstery and other areas of the car. These can also be used on leather seats, which don’t absorb as much weed odor as fabric seats.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on air fresheners, you could try spraying your car with Lysol. It’s cheap and will leave your car odor-free. Plus, it smells great and will help you avoid recurrences of the problem.

Another option is to purchase an Ozium spray. These sprays are heavy duty, and will work to eliminate weed odor without masking the smell. However, you should take the time to air out your car after you spray the solution. This will make the odor disappear after about 10 minutes.

Air fresheners to get rid of a weed smell in car are a good option if you don’t smoke in your car all the time, but this is only effective if you don’t smoke in your vehicle. If you regularly smoke in your car, you should invest in an odor neutralizer to keep the smell at bay.

Baking soda

One of the best ways to get rid of weed smell in your car is to sprinkle baking soda on the seats and carpets. This will help absorb odors, and it will work for up to 24 hours. Just be sure to vacuum the area thoroughly afterward.

Another way to get rid of weed smell is to burn weed sticks. This will help eliminate the odor, but you might be better off hiring a professional. Professional cleaners use commercial cleaning products to deep clean the carpet fibers, upholstery, and windows, and they also use deodorizer to eliminate the smell.

If you’re worried about the smell, you can also use coffee to neutralize it. Just be sure not to grind it super finely, as this will slow down the cleaning process. You can also try special air neutralizers. These will help eliminate the smell without the use of harsh chemicals.

Activated charcoal is also a good option, but you should be sure to use caution if you’re planning to use it on white or light-coloured upholstery. Alternatively, you can sprinkle baking soda on the seats and carpets of your car and let it sit for up to 24 hours. This will help eliminate the weed odor and leave your car smelling fresh and clean.

Besides using baking soda, you can also try vinegar. These two products have a high concentration of odor-fighting power, and they’re natural and safe. They have similar results as chemical sprays, but they leave no residue or harsh smells. You can also spray the solution on carpets and air vents. Then, scrub it away after the scent has been removed.

Ozone generators

You don’t need to be a medical marijuana user to notice that your car is smelling a little funky. You can use a deodorizing spray or powder to get rid of the smell. You can also place baking soda all over the car and let it sit before vacuuming. You should also make sure to clean your rubber floor mats.

Ozone generators will kill the smell in your car but they are not safe. They release toxic ozone, which is known to cause respiratory irritation. This ozone is not effective at removing gaseous pollutants, such as those caused by marijuana smoke, so they can’t completely remove it from the air. The EPA advises against the use of ozone generators for enclosed spaces.

Air neutralizers, such as charcoal bags, can also be effective in eliminating weed smells in cars. They can be used on dashboards and windows to eliminate the smell. Charcoal bags are passive odor-sucking devices made of bamboo or coconut. If you don’t want to use a charcoal bag, you can also apply ozium to the car’s surfaces to neutralize the smell.

Using essential oils can also be a good option. Essential oils are widely used in yoga studios and are safer than burning candles. You can also use essential oil diffusers, which diffuse water mixed with essential oils. These diffusers work well in getting rid of the smell from your car.

There are also several other options for getting rid of the weed smell in cars. You can try using special upholstery cleaning devices to get rid of the smell. However, it’s a good idea to consult a dealer to find out which mobile is best suited for your car.

Cannabolish weed smell spray

If you’re in a car with a strong weed odor, try using a Cannabolish weed smell spray. This spray can be sprayed into the air vents and placed on seats and carpets to mask the smell. The good thing about Cannabolish is that it’s safe for people to use, and it can be applied to a variety of surfaces.

The spray contains all-natural plant ingredients and water. It neutralises the smell without adding any toxins to the environment. It’s much safer than a car air freshener or perfume, and the spray comes in two convenient sizes.

Smoking weed in a car is an unpleasant experience. The smell often lingers long after the smoke has dissipated. This is because weed smoke tends to embed itself in various surfaces, including seats, dashboards, cloth ceilings, and even air conditioning systems. A traditional air freshener can only cover the smell for a short period of time.

Another effective odor remover is white vinegar. Many car dealerships and landlords use this product to combat this odor. You can also try leaving a bottle in your car overnight to absorb the smell. Alternatively, you can make a spray mixture of vinegar and water and spray it on the carpets and seats of your car. You can keep this spray in the glove compartment or in your car.

Cannabolish weed smell spray comes in a two-oz bottle and is made of scientifically designed ingredients that neutralize odor molecules from cannabis smoke. The spray is easy to apply and comes with a warranty.