welch allyn suretemp plus error codes

If you have a Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus 692 or 693 Electronic Thermometer and you’re experiencing a number of error codes, you should learn how to fix the problem. These errors are caused by a number of different problems and can be hard to diagnose. In this article, we’ll show you how to solve these problems and prevent them from happening in the future.


Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus 690 Electronic Thermometer

The Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus thermometer is one of the fastest thermometers available. With a time of four to six seconds, it can take oral and rectal temperatures with high accuracy and reliability. It is also available in a wall-mount version. It features a large LCD display, clear temperature readings, and a recall button. It has a range of up to 6,000 readings before needing a new battery. The SureTemp Plus 690 also features a convenient storage housing for up to 25 probe covers.

When your SureTemp Plus 690 thermometer experiences one of these error codes, the problem is likely related to the probe. In some cases, the probe is damaged or is not making good contact with the tissue. In this case, you should contact Welch Allyn Customer Care for assistance.


SureTemp Plus thermometers provide fast oral, rectal, and under-arm readings. They also have a monitor mode that allows you to take a temperature over five minutes. They are also easy to clean. The SureTemp Plus 690 also features a new ergonomic design and an easily removable probe well that eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. It has a capacity to take 6,000 readings on three AA batteries and has a durable housing.

Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus 692 Electronic Thermometer

A Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus electronic thermometer will display one or more error codes if it is malfunctioning. These errors can be caused by the temperature probe not being in contact with the tissue. To fix the problem, contact the Welch Allyn Customer Service Department.

The first thing to do is to make sure that the probe is covered properly. You should not use another brand’s probe cover as this can result in inaccurate temperature readings. In addition, you can cross-contaminate your patient by using non-Welch Allyn probe covers. To make sure that your thermometer is fully protected against contamination, make sure to clean it on a regular basis. You should also disinfect the thermometer whenever it becomes contaminated.

A battery-powered SureTemp Plus 692 Electronic Thermometer is designed for accurate body temperature measurements. It has an LCD display and a user-friendly interface. It can measure oral, rectal, and axillary temperatures. It also has high-speed measurement and prediction modes. Using a SureTemp Plus 692 thermometer will enhance staff productivity and patient safety.

Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus 693 Electronic Thermometer

If your SureTemp Plus 693 Electronic Thermometer shows an error code, you can attempt to resolve the problem by contacting Welch Allyn’s Customer Service Department. Error codes may indicate various problems, including a malfunctioning probe. In these cases, you can replace the temperature probe with a new one and try the thermometer again.