hospira plum a error codes

If you’re noticing that your Hospira Plum A+ infuser has error code AB, there are a couple of possible causes for this issue. First, the infuser may be damaged by radiation or cleaning methods, causing the internal parts to malfunction. If this occurs, you should make sure that it’s connected to AC power, and avoid placing it into service without consulting with Hospira.


Battery damage

Health care professionals and patients have been advised about possible battery damage in Plum A+/A+3 infusers. Error code E321 indicates that the battery is not recharged fully after 8 hours of use. This error code does not interrupt therapy but alerts health care providers to replace the battery. The company has notified customers and has said it is working to remedy the issue.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it’s important to diagnose the cause and take appropriate action. The most common cause is an AC power failure. Moreover, other potential problems include the infuser not operating properly or PWA occluded. If these errors continue, it can lead to further harm to the patient or damage to the infusion system. The best thing to do is consult your technician or manufacturer to determine the correct action to take.


The Plum A+ infusion system uses three batteries. These batteries last for more than 8 hours, which makes it a convenient portable option. The system can be used for enteral fluid, parenteral fluid, and blood products. However, users must not use infusions faster than the critical drug’s half-life, which is usually less than 6 minutes.

The Plum A+ infusion system offers advanced features including simultaneous and piggyback delivery modes. It is also equipped with Hospira MedNet software, which helps avoid drug delivery errors. The Plum A+ also features an optional container support arm. The system also features dual-line volumetric infusion systems.

The Plum A+ infusion system automatically calculates the current rate and duration of a treatment. If you make any change to the delivery rate, the system will re-calculate the current VTBI and display a Confirmation screen. After the change is complete, the system will display the Main Delivery Screen.

Infuser cleaning

If you notice that your Hospiterra Plum A+ infuser has an error code, there are a few possible causes. It could be that the infuser’s internal parts are not functioning correctly, or it could be that the cleaning process is not effective. The first thing you should do is to contact Hospiterra to determine the problem.

The Plum A+ infusion pump from Hospiterra has three channels that allow you to run two infusion lines at once. It is wireless-enabled and comes with Hospira MedNet safety software and a point-of-care barcode system. The system can run for six hours on three internal batteries. The pump can deliver up to 500 mL of fluids per hour.

Recharge time

A recent Hospiterra Plum A+/A+3 infuser malfunction has caused healthcare providers and patients to receive warnings about the product. The E321 error code is triggered when the device is operated on AC power and the battery is not fully recharged within eight hours. Fortunately, the error does not interrupt therapy, and it alerts healthcare providers that a replacement battery is required. Hospira is working to correct the problem.

Infusers with this error code may be damaged by radiation, improper cleaning, or other problems. In order to fix the problem, you must first disconnect the infuser and make sure that the power cord is in the correct location. Do not attempt to turn the unit on without consulting Hospira.

Another cause of the error code is a degraded battery. Depending on the error code, this could be caused by a battery failure, radiation damage, or improper cleaning of the infuser. If you suspect these are the causes, contact Hospira, who will work with you to diagnose and resolve the problem.

The Hospiterra Plum A+ pump is a volumetric infusion pump system designed to deliver a variety of infusion drugs. The system is cassette-based and offers many convenient features for healthcare providers, including fully automatic drug delivery, concurrent flow, and variable occlusion pressure. It can be used to deliver enteral, parental, and epidural infusions.

The Plum A+ infusion pump offers safe and accurate delivery of multiple therapies and has over 325,000 installations worldwide. The Plum A+ includes Hospira MedNet safety software to minimize the risk of drug delivery errors. This infusion pump is an ideal solution for healthcare providers and patients alike.