delta flight attendant interview questions


Congratulations on your upcoming interview with Delta Airlines! This is a huge accomplishment and we want to help you prepare for your interview as best as possible. In this blog post, we will be giving you a list of commonly asked questions during Delta flight attendant interviews. By preparing for these questions, you will increase your chances of impressing your interviewer and landing the job. Good luck and safe travels!

What are the requirements to become a Delta flight attendant?

To become a Delta flight attendant, you must be at least 21 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and be able to pass a background check and drug test. You must also be able to swim 25 yards unassisted and have the physical ability to lift 50 pounds.


What kind of training do Delta flight attendants receive?

The training that Delta flight attendants receive is very comprehensive. It covers everything from customer service to safety procedures. Delta also has a mentorship program for new flight attendants, so they can learn from experienced employees.

What are the duties of a Delta flight attendant?

Delta flight attendants have a wide range of duties that they are responsible for. These duties include ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers, providing excellent customer service, and maintaining the aircraft cabin.


In terms of safety, Delta flight attendants are responsible for conducting passenger safety briefings, monitoring the cabin for any potential hazards, and responding to any emergencies that may occur. They also play a key role in ensuring that all passengers are properly secured in their seats during takeoff and landing.

In terms of customer service, Delta flight attendants are responsible for greeting passengers as they board the aircraft, helping them with any questions or needs they may have during the flight, and bidding them farewell as they exit the plane. They also play a key role in keeping the aircraft cabin clean and tidy throughout the flight.

In terms of aircraft maintenance, Delta flight attendants are responsible for conducting regular checks of the aircraft cabin and lavatories, reporting any issues or damage to the captain or first officer, and assisting with any emergency procedures that may need to be carried out.

What are some of the most common questions Delta flight attendants are asked during an interview?

1. What are some of the most common questions Delta flight attendants are asked during an interview?
2. How can I best prepare for a Delta flight attendant interview?
3. What kind of personality do Delta flight attendants need to have?

1. Some of the most commonly asked questions during a Delta flight attendant interview include inquiries about customer service skills, ability to handle difficult situations, andif the candidate is comfortable working long hours. Other popular questions focus on physical attributes such as height and weight, since potential employees must meet certain requirements to be hired.
2. There are a few key things that candidates should keep in mind while preparing for a Delta flight attendant interview. First, it is important to be able to articulate why customer service is important and how previous experience has helped hone those skills. Secondly,Delta emphasizes teamwork among its employees, so it is beneficial to highlight examples of times when the applicant has been part of a successful team effort. Finally, because the job requires long hours and sometimes difficult working conditions, it is essential to be honest about one’s willingness to commit to those demands.
3. In general, Delta flight attendants are expected to be personable, patient, and efficient while also being able to work well under pressure. They must also possess excellent communication skills and have the ability to think on their feet in order to problem-solve in challenging situations. Candidates who can demonstrate these qualities during an interview are more likely to be

How to prepare for a Delta flight attendant interview

When preparing for a Delta flight attendant interview, it is important to research the company and familiarize yourself with its history, mission, and values. Additionally, review common interview questions and practice responding to them out loud. Finally, dress professionally and arrive to the interview early.


A career as a Delta flight attendant can be both exciting and rewarding. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our team, we encourage you to apply. To help you prepare for your interview, we’ve compiled a list of common questions that our applicants tend to ask. We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of what to expect during the interview process and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.