what is deepwoken based on

This article will discuss the different races of the Deepwoken, and what they’re based on. Some of these races are based on Fantasy and Anime while others are more obscure. This article will also discuss the Roblox and Anime versions of the game. After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of how the Darksteel universe came to be.

Darksteel universe

Roblox has released a new game, Deepwoken, that is based on the Darksteel universe. The game features the famous “Darksteel Greatsword” as a powerful heavy weapon. Though it has a low chance of dropping from enemies in the overworld, you can increase your chances of getting it by looting chests in The Depths. Players should be aware that Primadon and Duke are two enemies that drop this weapon.


While Deepwoken is based on anime, it is not based on any specific anime series. Instead, it draws inspiration from many different anime series. The characters are also inspired by popular characters from different media. For instance, the Khan are said to be inspired by Sun Wukong from Journey to the West. Similarly, the Ganymede are thought to be inspired by various species of beetles.

Deepwoken is a challenging game. The game has a permadeath mechanic, exploration, and a difficult combat system. Peril lurks around every corner. In Deepwoken, players can modify powerful abilities and develop their character into a powerful force. However, be warned that the game is very difficult and there is a permanent character death.


The Roblox game Deepwoken features an open-world fantasy environment where players can freely explore a map. Along the way, players will discover bits of the game’s story and uncover secrets. The game also introduces many new features, such as permanent death and the skillful management of cards.

Deepwoken offers permadeath, exploration, and challenging combat systems. Peril lurks around every corner. A lot of information on the game can be found on the game’s wiki, where 670 articles are devoted to Deepwoken. While this can be a good resource for a general overview of the game, some information is outdated or incorrect. The game’s rules are also available, which is useful for those who are looking for more information about the game’s features.


The new Roblox game Deepwoken is gaining popularity in the Roblox community. This game is still in development, but has already garnered more than half a million visitors. The developers of this game are making it easy for their fans to access the game via their Trello board. This helps them to keep track of their projects. You can access the Roblox Trello board by accessing the Deepwoken website.

Developers Vows by the Sea have launched Deepwoken, a Roblox game, with early access for the Deepwoken Discord community. Now, the game is open to all players. The game also supports Roblox codes, which players can redeem in October 2022.

This Roblox game allows players to explore a fantasy setting while exploring the map. Along the way, they can discover secrets and bits of the storyline. Deepwoken Roblox also boasts a dynamic combat mechanism, magic charms, and new weapons and skills. Players must manage their cards skillfully to survive in the game.

Deepwoken has eleven different races that players can choose from. Players cannot choose their own race in the game, but they can choose from amongst the 11 available races. It costs Robux to switch races, so players should keep that in mind when choosing a character. Deepwoken is not free to play, and players will need to purchase Robux in order to purchase game modes. The game is currently priced at 400 Robux, which is equal to around five dollars.

Deepwoken is a Roblox game that has 11 races. Each race has unique abilities. Players can choose from Adret, Celtor, and other races. Each race will have different chances of being dropped. Players can also reroll by spending Robux, but that will cost them some money.