hands holding miniature family with social security.

Social security benefits increase in 2024: Understand the prospects

In the realm of financial security, one cornerstone that countless Americans rely on is Social Security benefits.  These benefits serve as a lifeline for many retirees, disabled individuals, and other eligible recipients, offering them a sense of economic stability during their retirement years.  Every year, Social Security undergoes a series of adjustments to ensure that […]
human and robot hands meeting, illustrative image for text about Amazon investing in AI.

Amazon investing in artificial intelligence: company plans to spend $4 billion on Anthropic

We live in a time of digital transformation where technology plays an increasingly central role in our lives.  In this scenario, artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a driving force, redefining entire industries and revolutionizing the way we do business and interact with the digital world.  Amazon, one of the technology giants, is demonstrating its commitment […]