You have 14 steps in Allergy Little Alchemy 2 to complete. If you’ve played the original game, you can easily pick up where you left off and continue your quest to create the Allergy. It’s a great way to learn the ins and outs of the game.

Simple Object

There are many ways to obtain Allergy in Little Alchemy 2. You do not have to use the same element to create it each time. Instead, you can mix different elements together to create Allergy. For example, you can combine water with earth to make Allergy.


Food is an important component of life. It plays a major role in every culture. In Little Alchemy 2, food is separated into three groups: Prepared Foods, Ingredients, and Generic and Miscellaneous. Man has created nearly everything. Man-made elements are grouped into two categories: Simple Object and Complex Object. Clothing and Everything Else are also organized in two ways.

While Little Alchemy 2 isn’t designed to teach content, it lends itself to a variety of subjects. If educators are flexible, it could be a great choice for early finishers or an optional homework assignment. For example, educators can use the game to introduce a science lesson by having learners map factor trees. Eventually, their factor trees will look like webs. Using the game as an opportunity to discuss the elements, teachers can even make connections to history, literature, and science.


Complex Object

The problem with allergy is that the game does not know how to combine it with other elements. Allergies are caused by certain elements, such as pollen. Little Alchemy 2 does not know what to do with these elements, either. For example, an allergy can cause asthma.

While Little Alchemy 2’s combinations are not necessarily scientifically accurate, they can be used to discuss scientific concepts, symbolism in language, and metaphors. During the game, players will learn about the concepts of love, sickness, time, and death through metaphors.

Everything else

There are lots of different problems in Little Alchemy 2, including allergies. But the game doesn’t know how to mix the allergy with other elements. This means that you’ll have to work a little harder to find the perfect mixture. It’s a shame, because the game has plenty of other great elements to mix in!

Food is an essential part of life and it plays a role in every culture. The game has food organized into three groups: Prepared Foods, Ingredients, and Generic and Miscellaneous. The game also deals with man-made elements, such as clothing, shoes, and furniture. Each category is organized based on its type.


The Yeti is a unique element in Little Alchemy 2. This ape-like creature lives in the Himalayan mountain range, and many people think that this creature is real. There have been numerous theories on its existence, and many folklore stories have been written about the Yeti. Little Alchemy 2 is no different.

In Little Alchemy 2, players must combine different elements in order to make a new element. To do this, they must mix two different elements of the same type. This is not easy, but patience will pay off in the end. The game requires you to use your creative skills and think outside of the box to find the best solution for your problem.


Little Alchemy 2 is a fun, addictive puzzle game. The new edition comes with more than 700 new mixes. It also has Google Play Games integration, which allows you to play the game one-handed. Little Alchemy 2 also features time management features. You can even play the game in vertical mode.

In Little Alchemy 2, you’ll be able to create any element in the game, including God. There are many different kinds of elements you can use to make God. But be careful, some of them are very difficult to create. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and stuck while trying to create some big elements. For instance, the God element requires a lot of elements, and you’ll have to experiment a lot to create it.

In Little Alchemy 2, you’ll also learn to combine different elements to make new ones. You’ll start with simple elements and gradually progress to more complicated items. In addition to God, you can create different items by combining different elements. Some of the more complex items are made by mixing elements such as clay, stone, and air.

The elements are different from the ones in the original game. You start with four basic items, but can combine them in different combinations. The game has 8 steps with different combinations. You can see the process by using the walkthrough feature. The game is free, but it has ads.