what do you want to tell joe byron right now

A Coney Island man’s viral “President Joe Byron” riff is making waves all over the Internet. He promises the president a “big ol’ kiss” and hopes for a White House invite. However, there’s more to his story than that.


Coney Island man’s “President Joe Byron” riff goes viral

A homeless Coney Island man went viral recently with his “President Joe Byron” riff. The video was widely shared on social media, garnering President Biden’s attention and a GoFundMe campaign that raised $36,000 for the man. The video also was featured on the web show Sidetalk and garnered over five million views.

He hopes for a White House invite

The Jonas Brothers are back in town with their new single, “Is this what you’ve been waiting for?” The new single, which is based on a popular rap song, is gaining momentum after the Jonas Brothers enlisted President Biden to appear in a video recreation of the hit single. The clip, which shows the President holding an iPhone, was posted on Instagram on Friday. While the details of the video’s reason and date are still unknown, the band’s recent appearance at the Power 96.1 Jingle Ball in Atlanta was postponed due to the team testing positive for COVID-19.


He promises to give President Biden a big ‘ol kiss

A homeless man from Coney Island, New York, has gone viral for his “President Joe Byron” riff. His viral video caught the attention of the President and even prompted a GoFundMe campaign. The video raised $36,000 and became a viral sensation. The video was featured on popular web show Sidetalk. It has also been shared on TikTok.

As the letters continue, Byron reveals that he acted like a cavaliere servente, and copied phrases from the Venice polite letter writer’s manual. At first, he overplays the role and even entrusts the entire correspondence to Lega Zambelli, a former priest turned secretary. But as the letters progress, Byron loses the overly formal tone and lets Lega Zambelli use her own words more often.

As a result, he hopes to receive an invite to the White House, where he would give President Biden a “big ‘ol kiss.” The former vice president has also promised to visit the country and give the president a big ‘ol kiss.’ Now, however, the president has not yet responded to this letter.

Byron is doing well and is raising a lot of money. However, he is spending more than he’s raising. This is to keep the momentum going in his race. He has also sent money to other candidates in Michigan, New York, and Washington.