While Toby Fox’s music is enjoyed by many, the software he uses to create his tunes is unknown to most. That said, it’s likely that Toby Fox uses a variety of software programs to create his songs. For example, he may use a digital audio workstation (DAW) to record and edit his music. Alternatively, he could use a MIDI sequencer to compose and arrange his tracks. In addition, Toby Fox may also use other software programs to add effects or tweak the sound of his music. Ultimately, what matters most is the finished product – and Toby Fox’s music is undoubtedly enjoyed by fans all over the world.

what software does toby fox use for music

Toby Fox is a name you might not be familiar with, but his work is impossible to miss if you’re a fan of video game soundtracks. He’s the mastermind behind the music of Undertale and its spin-off, Deltarune. In this blog post, we take a look at the software that Toby Fox uses for music composition and how it helps him create the amazing soundtracks that have become so beloved by fans.

Logic Pro X

Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale, uses Logic Pro X for music composition. He has used Logic since its release in 2013 and it continues to be his DAW (digital audio workstation) of choice.

Logic Pro X is a professional grade DAW that is popular among musicians and producers. It offers a wide range of features and plugins that allow users to create professional sounding music. Toby Fox has used Logic Pro X to compose the soundtracks for both Undertale and its sequel, Deltarune.

Some of the features that Toby Fox takes advantage of in Logic Pro X include:

-The Drum Synth plugin: This plugin allows Toby to create realistic sounding drum tracks.

-The EXS24 sampler: This plugin enables Toby to import and use samples in his compositions.

-The Flex Time tool: This tool allows Toby to manipulate the timing of his recordings, which can be helpful when trying to achieve a particular sound or feel.

-TheScore Editor: TheScore Editor is a powerful notation tool that Toby uses to create sheet music for his compositions.

FL Studio

FL Studio is a digital audio workstation (DAW) developed by Belgian company Image-Line. It is primarily used for the production of music in various genres such as pop, hip hop, and electronic dance music.

The software has a wide range of features, including a step sequencer, piano roll, synthesisers, drum machines, and a wide range of effects. It also supports VST plugins and ReWire devices.

In addition to its use as a DAW, FL Studio can also be used as a virtual instrument plugin in other DAWs such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and Reaper.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a software music sequencer and digital audio workstation for macOS and Windows. Released in 2001, Ableton Live is used by musicians all over the world for live performances, studio recording, and DJing.

Ableton Live has a wide range of features that make it one of the most popular music production software programs available. It is easy to use and has a intuitive interface that makes creating music fun and easy. With Ableton Live, you can create professional sounding music without having to be a professional musician.

Some of the features that make Ableton Live so popular include:

-The ability to create and edit audio files with ease
-A wide range of instruments and sounds to choose from
-Integrated effects and parameters for each sound
-The ability to record live performances
-A easy to use mixer for mixing multiple tracks together
-Advanced MIDI sequencing capabilities

Pro Tools

Pro Tools is a digital audio workstation developed and released by Avid Technology. It is widely used in the music industry for recording, mixing, and composing music. Toby Fox has used Pro Tools for composing the music for the video game Undertale.


Toby Fox is a video game developer and composer best known for creating the critically acclaimed RPG Undertale. He has also composed music for other video games, including Hiveswap and Hotland.

When it comes to music composition, Toby Fox uses a variety of software programs to get the job done. For composing the main themes of Undertale, he used Logic Pro X. This is a professional-grade digital audio workstation that is popular among many film and television composers.

For the majority of the game’s sound effects, Toby used FL Studio. This software is more geared towards electronic music production, but it still has a wide range of features that makes it perfect for creating sound effects.

Finally, Toby also used Reason 8 to create some of the tracks in Hotland. Reason is a powerful music production program that allows users to create realistic sounding instrumentation.

Toby Fox’s musical style

Toby Fox’s musical style can be described as a mixture of chiptune and orchestral elements. He often uses 8-bit soundfonts in his music, which gives it a retro video game feel. However, he also incorporates traditional instruments like piano and strings, which give his music a more polished sound. In addition to his chiptune and orchestral work, Toby Fox also experiments with other genres, such as rock and jazz.


Toby Fox is a musical genius and it’s no surprise that he uses the best software to create his masterpieces. He has stated in interviews that he uses FL Studio and Ableton Live, which are two of the most popular music production software programs available. With these tools at his disposal, Toby Fox is able to create any kind of music he wants and we are all the better for it. Thank you, Toby Fox, for gracing us with your incredible talent!