The *RANDOM* MYTHIC BOSS Challenge in Fortnite!

by jobpings
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Fornite Mythic Boss Challenge rules

Fandom mythic boss challenge the rules

The iron man repulsors have a glitch right now so you can’t jump if you switch to a weapon in the middle of it. Like so he can see.

welcome to the random mythic boss challenge the rules are simple i chose five of the superheroes with mythic abilities currently in the game we have wolverine iron man doctor doom storm and black panther i then randomized them all and whatever skin i got i had to use their mythic weapon to get five eliminations and win the game this is gonna be tough did you know that if you hit the like button it turns white blue black apparently youtube had an update for some people so hit that like button let me know what color changes for you in the comments also i gotta tell you something crazy upload every single day so make sure you subscribe with the bell for more daily awesome videos and don’t forget to use code typicalgamer in the item shop seriously shout out to everyone for the amazing support oh yeah i would include thor groot and silver surfer but their mythic items are currently not in the normal all right let’s get into this okay so first up we have wolverine which is probably one of the hardest ones for this challenge we’re gonna have to go ahead and locate the wolverine mythic boss take them out get the claws and then after that proceed to get five eliminations with the clock let me tell you getting eliminations with those claws is pretty frickin hard we got some decent loot here we can weaken them with other kind of uh weapons and then go ahead and take them out with the claws just the problem with the claws you got to get in really really close like uncomfortably close let’s go ahead and shield up to the max get this ar and we should be good to go to go find wolverine but maybe could we get like a scar like a purple pump or a gold revolver i’ll take that i hit i hit wolverine once but this is a uh not a wolf not a real wolverine oh down he goes okay let’s just see over there i don’t i don’t see wolverine over on this side usually he likes like walk around the river and stuff so i i think he’s gonna be either on this side or at slurpy swamp but we gotta get moving because the zone is not uh favorable to these conditions if you get what i’m saying hello wolverine hello wolverine no sign of wolverine so far but trust me i’m an expert wolverine hunter i know exactly what area he is in and is not in at all times okay no evidence of wolverine being here either very suspicious if you ask me very suspicious it was just taking their oh shoot oh what the heck somebody shot at me oh my gosh bro i don’t have these mats dude you need to go down buddy he’s one shot he’s literally one shot i don’t have anything do it okay yeah let’s go look when i tell you to do it it’s probably a bad thing for you to do it there’s only 17 people left so i gotta get five eliminations of those 17 people left with the claws i also still have to take out wolverine there’s footsteps for sure this is him it is him oh my gosh i am bodying him oh my gosh thank you wolverine let’s go okay there’s only 14 people left so if we’re gonna get this done we gotta do it now we gotta do it real quick we gotta take out basically uh everyone with these claws i absolutely love these closets i love how you could dodge with them i feel like nobody ever does it but you totally can you can do some back flips you could do some front flips oh okay there’s a guy there there’s two guys here oh this is perfect okay we’re gonna need to jump on one of them okay let’s wait let’s wait oh shoot oh shoot i took a one i took a one one sound get the life nerd oh i’m sorry i’m sorry dude i’m so screwed yes i got him out i got him out holy smokes okay that is that is there’s three eliminations there’s two eliminations i think that’s two that’s two eliminations that means i still need to i still need to do so much more work with these okay i need three more eliminations and there’s six people left oh boy oh boy the pressure is on okay i’m looking for active fights get this guy this guy’s who i have my eyes locked on is he gonna chill on the hill he is gonna chill in the hill well i can’t freaking build this is so intense yes oh my gosh okay three down three down we need to eliminate the last two this is so bad this is down to the wire this is our last chance if we don’t take this person out no they’re going at each other they’re going at each other one person’s on the zip line oh my gosh i hate him again no no he eliminated him he eliminated him in front of me no i can’t i actually can’t believe that that’s insanity i weakened him all that way and if i took him out all i needed was to take out the guy up there and we would have got this done truly sadness take that buddy we’ll free for life all right let’s try this again next up we got dr doom so we’re going to land here take out the doctor doom boss and then use his mythics to get five limbs and then we got to get the dub because i want to sit in his chair if you guys didn’t know a doctor doom actually has an emo that you can only use when you get in the victory royale you can actually see it right here it’s called victory von doom earn a victory royale and sit in judgment with dr doom’s built-in emote so he’ll just shake his head no unless you got the dub so that’s the plan let’s see dr doom’s underneath me somewhere where are you at buddy oh my gosh how did he miss i don’t know doctor doom oh it’s looking looking into a mirror look at that this is good no you’re good i’m just gonna yeah there you go and now i got all your stuff great thing about dr doom if you didn’t know if you hit one person and they’re staying beside somebody else it actually damages the other person so you’ll see it’s just doing mad amounts of damage all right give me that good stuff give me that good stuff come on oh a scar i like that all right we good we go i mean our we could use definitely a better shotgun but i mean you know blue pump ain’t that bad you know all right let’s get on out of here holy smokes i get bro that’s a different person that’s even a different person what there’s so many different people i’m just gonna have to i’m gonna have to take you out i couldn’t i couldn’t be all fancy he’s gonna be like one shot right just got him out with that all right took him out with dr doom’s mystical bomb i’m totally cool with that let’s head down here and we can go ahead and uh grab some more of those uh nice heels in the ball we got one elimination with the mythic so far i i don’t want to jinx it but it’s going well a few moments later [Laughter] what what’s that we’re going to replay okay so i’m over here doing my thing shooting this guy he’s boxing up whatever this guy all the way over here apparently snipes me out how on earth is he gonna hit that shot can we just like really think about this for a sec i might have to slow this down there’s no way oh my goodness he hits that look how far i uh he’s insulting i’m all the way over there it really do be wolverine stopping me from doing this challenge again isn’t it all right let’s hop into the next one all right third time’s the charm let’s see if we can get this done with iron man we’re landing stark industries and i can see there’s a lot of people coming here too there’s always so many people that land over here and you have to wonder why well it’s because there’s so much fallout open it open it what do you have no maps you didn’t even open it interesting strategy from that guy right there okay gray shotgun i can hear iron man literally beaming someone holy what the heck what’s up dude and you’re done too oh my goodness we are kind of clapping the competition here and we for sure got iron man left i’m like 99 sure come on come on what you going to do you ain’t gonna do it hey i absolutely bodied you did a little dance too why not 15 damage slight work slight work slight 180 to the head okay oh another one bites the dust pop these minis okay i’m i’m hoping iron man still up cause we’ve been clapping we’ve been clapping people left right and center oh there’s iron man i mean i’m gonna have to just eat one shot i think i i just have to eat one shot i already called it okay we got the iron man mythics now let’s go ahead and get to the top here get this uh helicopter ready to go hit him yes i got him with it it’s one a limb down that guy had mats too okay so we’re popping a big pot there’s still a guy over here i’m gonna see if i can get involved if i can get involved and pick up one more limiter no no i think a stark robot took him out bro a stark robot took out the guys who shot for white are you kidding me are you actually legitimately kidding me yeah i don’t even need to go into the vault we need to take out four more people i’m getting nervous my my hands are sweating a little bit i just needed him to 80 white and then i could go ahead and get the damn job on two down two down oh my goodness gracious let’s go two down we’re gonna have to go ahead and pick up three more this guy’s just flying into water i feel like this is a good opportunity to zap him apparently not apparently the hitbox is null when you oh of course he’s a he’s a world star champion at this orton a world star champion dude yes okay two more two more now two more now pop these minis two more two more is all we need i don’t think i’ve been this nervous for a challenge in a serious minute i want nothing more than to complete this challenge right now crack them crack them crack them come on that doesn’t finish them off yes one more one more in the dub okay just focus up focus up i need you guys to hit that like button right now just hit that like button if you made it this far make sure you subscribe with the bell because i upload every single day and these take so long sometimes i’m literally sweating there you go he’s trapped yes that’s the last one i needed that’s the last one i needed that is the last one i needed legitimately the last one i needed okay now we just gotta win now we just gotta win my helicopter’s pretty broke i’m just gonna go for it i can’t jump there we go easy clap seize the claps three people left three people standing my way oh there’s a guy right down there oh he’s going for it i can’t hit this guy save my life dude i i swear i can’t jump properly bro why am i floating down like this yes all right it’s a 1v1 situation 1v1 situation the pressure’s on the pressure is on i am so nervous i can’t tell you guys how nervous i am right now once i see where this guy is i might feel a bit better but hit him for 90. all right that’s it we’re gonna we’re gonna go adam super aggressive super aggressive i mean that damage probably didn’t stick but he’s gonna try to shoot this down bet why you trying to shock on me you ain’t popping that big pop bro how do you have so much mobility oh my goodness gracious wow okay i never want to do that challenge again i can’t believe we did that we actually did that and we got 15 eliminations too if you enjoyed that make sure you hit that like button to the bell for daily awesome videos okay that was absolutely insane if you enjoyed that make sure you click on one of these two videos the catches you gotta click on them in the next three seconds because this video is about to end three two one okay bye

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