How to get remote video editing jobs in 5 steps

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With Remote Video Editing Jobs, you can work from the comfort of your home or any part of the world. Don’t you think it’s great if you can make enough money working as a digital nomad? Now, you can edit films either offline or online, from different parts of the World or from home.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the video editing field is projected to experience a staggering 22% growth in employment through 2019 and an average yearly wage of $63,780 that same year, therefore, video editors will always find job opportunities even years later.

What you need to know about Remote Video Editing Jobs

As a Remote Video editor, you are expected to use digital tools to review and correct raw video footage or film into an end product for television and other forms of media. Since video editing jobs can be done remotely, video editors usually work on contract/freelance terms or for in-house creative studios.

Sometimes, these jobs might require previous experience of using creative software like adobe premiere pro/ adobe after effects or you would have to film and do some production work. As a remote video editor, you may edit web series videos, corporate videos, videos for company events and ads, and more.

Roles of Remote Video Editing Jobs

Another role you can play while handling remote video editing jobs is to cut and realign several film shots into one big story and you can easily work from anywhere outside the office or from home by using series of equipment to edit and review images digitally.

Remote Video Editing jobs demand that video editors take raw film footage, record the choicest shots with the best imagery and sound, and put the pieces together as simply as possible. Other fields aside the movie industry employ these professionals to create presentations for clients as well as educational and training videos.

The five-step process to get a Remote Video Editing job includes:

  • Jobs from Your Contacts

Creative work is usually gotten based on word of mouth because people always recruit who they’re familiar with and can rely on first. So, is there anyone you know who might need the service of an editor?

This can include past friends, your colleagues at the office or distant relatives.

  • Online Job Freelance Platforms

Upwork and Fiverr is the largest freelance sites and companies actively look into upwork to hire qualified candidates for remote video editing jobs. Job sites online advertise a lot of film work. You can bookmark any of these sites and work with those who pay your day rate.

You can check out some sample Video editing jobs on Fiverr 

  • Get remote jobs from FB Groups

On Facebook groups, you can find film work and this is probably the choicest place to get freelance editing work now. You can search and find these groups by using Facebook’s search bar.

  • Get remote jobs by Self Promotion

A website displays your portfolio by providing details about yourself, your profession, the software you work with and reviews from previous clients. This allows potential employers to determine if you’re a good fit for their company or not.

  • Use the Social Media

Through social media, you can connect with different kinds of people. With Facebook or Instagram search bars, you can find work related to your field as some employers hire from these platforms.

Education Qualification for Remote Video Editing Jobs

There is no particular educational qualification or formal education you must have before you can work Remote Video editing jobs. Many video editors get their bachelor’s degree in multimedia arts, video production, mass communication or similar fields.

This kind of degree program offer practical experience using standard editing equipment and software available in the industry. Others prefer not to obtain a degree and rather choose to learn the craft themselves by learning from several places online through online classes.

Going for an internship or finding an entry-level position with a marketing company, advertising agency or media company also gives an opportunity to learn the job. To prep your editing skills, it is also advised you learn from more experienced video editors.

Salary for Remote Video Editors

The mean annual pay for a remote video editor in the United States as of Sep 25, 2021, is about $58,479 which if calculated gives us $28.11 per hour. This means that in a week, you are expected to earn $1,125 or $4,873 a month.

Annual salaries may even go as high as $151,000 but most remote video editors will earn between $33,000-$63,500 while top earners make $99,000 in the United States. The mean salary range for remote video editors vary greatly thus indicating there might be more opportunities for promotion and salary increase according to location, skill level and experience.

Common Remote Video Editing Job Titles

The common job titles you can take on as a remote video editor includes any of the following:

  • Remote Television Studio editor

As a television studio editor, your key role is to combine news footage, interviews, sports events or other programs into one video to be broadcasted on TV. The job demands that you execute your duties quickly and the average pay for a freelance TV video editor is $57,000 a year.

  • Remote Film Editor

A film editor is given the responsibility of recording original videos from movie scenes for editing and to add special effects and continuity to the whole story. The mean salary for a film editor is $50,000 a year and the job is expected to experience a 14% growth rate.

  • Remote YouTube Video Editor

Based on our observation recently, we realized that not only are YouTube videos increasing but the consumption of these videos according to watch time. In 2019, the video streaming service stated that viewers watch over 1 billion hours daily.

This is great news for a YouTube video editor as opportunities in the field will only increase. Many YouTubers hire video editors when their channel grows or they don’t have much time to spend editing videos. It is a brilliant opportunity as YouTube video editing jobs can pay an average of $75 to $150 per hour.

Companies Hiring for Remote Video Editing Jobs

Remote Video Editing jobs are on-demand and rewarding, so people often clamor for this kind of job. Listed below are companies who have posted or mentioned that they need Remote Video editors.


This production company is one that provides content for different companies irrespective of the size. They’ve had business dealings with Fortune 500 companies (such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Salesforce, Electronic Arts, Deloitte), startups, midsize companies and other reputable organizations.

Partners in Health

This is a non-profit health organization that centers on helping poor communities tackle ailments and poverty all over the world. Partners in Health has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, and has offices in Russia, Malawi, Rwanda, Lesotho, Peru, Kazakhstan, and U.S.

PIH also works with other agencies to render an extensive service.


This is a rapidly growing, data-driven video company that has the aim to change how brands tackle video advertising as well as marketing. Their team generates, shoots, and creates hundreds of videos every day.

These videos are produced to engage different people on every major platform.


Many of the companies posted above are actively hiring video editors and since the pandemic. Working remotely has been fully adopted. So simple check out the checklist above and start applying for remote video editing jobs immediately.

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