Top best Remote Talent Acquisition Jobs – Apply now!

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Top best Remote Talent Acquisition Jobs - Apply now!

Are you looking for remote talent acquisition jobs? Then it means that you are a people person. If you sometimes hear a company refer to someone as the company’s eyes, then it could be that they are talking about their talent acquisition specialist.

A typical remote talent specialist is someone who helps with the onboarding process for many companies. They work hand-in-hand with the company to find people who can fit in their open opportunities.

Some people may say that it isn’t possible to get remote talent acquisition jobs, but that is false. If you know your onions, there are a lot of these available jobs.

A talent acquisition specialist does not necessarily need to stick to a particular company, except it is your preference. You can be a freelancer or an in-house staff, but it is possible to work remotely.

A company is said to have no worries about recruitment if they have a talent acquisition specialist as they handle the entire recruitment cycle.

How do you become a talent acquisition specialist?

Seeing that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts there will be an average 10% increase in the demand for talent acquisition specialists, then it should not be a hassle getting remote talent acquisition jobs. This statistic has also given rise to the number of people who wish to go into this field.

But it is always best to have adequate knowledge before searching for remote talent acquisition jobs. After all, if you do not fit into their requirements, you will not get the job. Therefore, there are certifications and skills you need to have before you can qualify as a talent acquisition specialist.

In no particular order, here are the things you need to become a talent acquisition specialist:

Degree needed for Remote Talent Acquisition Jobs

Ideally, one should have a degree in a field that they wish to work. So, if you are applying for remote talent acquisition jobs, you need to have a degree in that area. However, we see that people interested in this field are sometimes confused about what to study in higher institutions.

Recall how we mentioned that a talent acquisition specialist is a people person. Thus, you need to study a course that deals with people management. The commonest course for anyone who wishes to become a talent acquisition specialist is Human Resource Management.

If you study Human Resource Management, you are on the right track to securing remote talent acquisition jobs.

Soft skills needed for Remote Talent Acquisition Jobs

Asides from your degree, there are also some other skills that you will need to excel when searching for remote talent acquisition jobs. Some of these skills come naturally, while you have to learn others. What matters is that you master the craft and ensure that the skills are displayed as you carry out your job activities. It is what makes you excel above others.

Suppose you are wondering how you can master your craft in these skills. It could be by learning under mentors or taking online courses. It may not seem like they matter at first, but knowledge usually goes a long way.



Some of the soft skills needed by a talent acquisition specialist are:

  • Interpersonal Skills: Again, allow us to repeat that a talent acquisition specialist is usually a people person. It means that you cannot avoid networking when you take on this job role. You will need to have interpersonal skills to relate with people and build relationships. These relationships will go a long way for both you and your company. After all, your network is your net worth.
  • Multitasking Skills: There are a lot of things involved in the recruitment process. One would agree that some companies carry out up to three interview processes. Therefore, you need to know how to multitask to be a talent acquisition specialist. Not only do you have to source suitable candidates, but you also have to screen and interview them. When you get a successful candidate(s), you also have to take them through the onboarding process. Yes, it is usually a busy schedule, so you must know how to multitask.
  • Learning Skills: Typically, a good leader should also be a good learner. As a talent acquisition specialist, you need to understand that learning never stops. Since the world keeps evolving, you have to be on the lookout for new things. It could be things that will make your job role easier. You will realize that you get to grow more when you are open to learning.
  • Communication Skills: How do you interact with the people you meet? In many ways, a talent acquisition specialist is the face of the company. What do people say about you after having an encounter with you? It is why you need to have efficient communication skills as you cannot afford to relate with them in the wrong way.
  • Analytical Skills: You might want to argue that you would not need analytical skills as you are not a data analyst. However, you’re mistaken. When you have to deal with many talents, you can analyze their data/information and much more. It is the data you will work with to pick the best talent.
  • Listening Skills: Listening skills ties into communication skills as you cannot be a good communicator if you are not a good listener. You can miss certain things during an interview process if you do not have active listening skills.

What is a salary of a remote talent acquisition jobs specialist?

It is normal for you to be curious about the salary expectation when applying for remote talent acquisition jobs.

However, it is also important for you to note that these jobs may come in different job titles such as:

Human Resource Manager: $121,220 per year or $58.28 per hour

Human Resource Specialist: $63,490 per year or $30.52 per hour

What are the major companies hiring remote talent acquisition specialists?

If you are looking for remote talent acquisition jobs, you can start by checking out some of these companies:


Swans is a design agency that collaborates with companies cutting across lifestyle, fashion, technology, and much more. Working with this agency opens you up to many opportunities.

  • Prager Metis CPAs

Prager Metis CPAs is a global accounting and management firm that has a strong presence in many global cities.

There is almost no industry that will not need the services of a talent acquisition specialist.


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