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Remote social media jobs

What are Remote social media jobs?

Are you someone who likes spending time on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you may find the style of a social media job appealing. There are several establishments and individuals who need to boost their social media presence.

They intend to achieve this by advertising their services, products and brands to their target market. What a social media job entails is assisting entrepreneurs, blog owners, and businesses to grow a participatory and interactive audience.

Companies and people from all over the World understand how essential it is to leverage social media for their benefit. These corporations or individuals may find it hard to think up what to post and when to, how to run social media marketing campaigns and create engaging content.

These elements are crucial and staying informed on trends for these platforms take effort and time. If you’re a people’s person and an active member on any social website or online community where you find it easy to discuss current events, then this job may be for you.

You could also be someone who likes coming up with and talking about your hobbies or other topics online, your role as a remote social media worker is then to make use of these communities and social networking sites to advertise ideas and products or create topics.

Types of Remote Social Media Jobs

Program Manager, Social Media Customer Service

A Program Manager, Social Media Customer Service is allowed to work from a remote location as a full-time social media specialist. The candidate or employee can earn between $74,200 to $129,800 per year.

For you to be awarded the job, you need a BSc or relevant experience, customer support experience and the potential to look deep within operational details. You should be able to envision the social media landscape from a big viewpoint.

Paid Social Media Planner – Remote

A paid remote social media planner is a social media professional that works from a fully remote location. He or she will operate on the company’s Marketplace team that comprises biddable media – paid search, paid social and programmatic.

Assistant Social Media Producer

An assistant Social Media Producer is expected to work on a full-time basis. The successful candidate will work-from-home or anywhere outside the office. When applying for the job position, make sure the company provides employees the flexibility needed.

It will be a plus if you are smart, determined, and savvy and can write or discuss news.

Paid Search and Social Strategist – Remote

If you are recruited as a Paid Search and Social Strategist, your duty will be to assist in the creation and management of paid search and social media campaigns (Facebook, Google Adwords, Bing ads and more).

A remote paid search & Social Strategist is also responsible for monitoring online campaigns and giving suggestions on how to improve as well as staying abreast current trends.

Digital Content and Social Media Specialist

As a remote Digital Content & Social Media Specialist, you will be handling social media influencer campaigns by overseeing, coordinating and soliciting every aspect of the influencer campaigns. Currently the job is available under a hybrid model.

This means that you can either work onsite or from home.

Salary of Remote Social Media Jobs

The national average earning of remote social media workers is $43,507 a year while the highest earners make $92,607 a year and the least earners earn $19,094 a year.

A Content and Social Media Manager earns between $60,000 to $70,000 a year while working on a full-time job basis while a Part-Time Work-Study Student, Social Media Assistant will earn $12 an hour.

The pay for a Social Media Coordinator ranges between $45,000 to $55,000 a year and a Social Media Assistant can receive salaries within the range of $40,000 to $50,000 while working on a full-time basis.

Companies hiring for Remote Social Media Jobs


Yelp recruits remote social media workers only from particular locations so if you’d like to render your service as a community manager, you have to visit their website. At the “jobs” page, select the “community” button to verify if you’re in a location that they hire from.

It can be a freelance job role with the potential to last for long.

Appen Butler Hill

They are regarded as an international company that recruits social media personnel together with transcribers, search engine evaluators and translators. The job is available on a work-from-home basis and staffs are provided a flexible schedule.

What is expected of you is to enhance the essentialty of the company’s client news feed and you have to work between one to four hours a day, five days in a week. A few projects may demand that you set aside at least one day to work on the weekend.

If you use social media everyday, can communicate well, work on your own and take to instructions, then working as a social media evaluator for Appen can be a good job.

Crisp Thinking

The company recruits social media personnel to operate as independent contractors in the United Kingdom as well as the US. Crisp Thinking works all-round-the-clock and as an employee, you need to work for 15 hours minimum every week.

You earn between $10-$15 per hour as starting pay.


This is a popular virtual assistant establishment that also recruits social media employees for clients. The duty of the remote social media assistant is to use his or her social media prowess to assist clients in advertising their brand.

Responsibilities can include tweeting, writing posts on Facebook, retweeting and many more. The role basically allows for flexibility so far you can work at regular business hours based on the client’s demand.

In a broad sense, your task as a remote social media employee is much a few of which includes: getting target followers, monitoring the profiles of clients and their social media accounts, handling Facebook ads, getting target Twitter followers, handling Facebook pages and more.

You also comment on Forums as well as chat rooms, manage LinkedIn accounts and create articles.

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