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Remote Insurance Jobs

What are Remote Insurance Jobs?

Remote insurance personnel are allowed to work from a remote location with the aid of the newest virtual platforms in the industry and taking calls remotely is a very beneficial and efficient task for these people.

The main qualifications needed to work as an insurance personnel is a high school diploma and the right licences. The things needed to get a license differ based on your state but often include participating in a short course and excelling in an exam. You may have to acquire the license from the state where your employer is rather than yours.

What remote insurance workers do is to boost the rate at which people demand insurance policies. Other responsibilities include asking questions and rendering assistance to their current customers instead of paying attention to only getting sales for new services or products.

This industry is a thriving one and presents a remarkable time to go into it as a remote personnel. Either you have customer service experience or you’re a nurse, you can take up a work-at-home job with several insurance companies around the world.

Types of remote Insurance jobs

Are you wondering the kind of remote insurance jobs you can work at? There are many work from home remote jobs for insurance agents that offer you flexibility,good pay and freedom to work at your own pace. They include:

Licensed Insurance Agents

If you work as remote licensed insurance agent, your duty will be to work from home and there are several companies that will hire you to do that. To get the license, you need to review the requirement of your state and register for a compulsory training as well as the state licensing exam.


As a physician, there are many opportunities for you to work remotely and with these insurance organizations, you may assess patient’s medical records to confirm if particular procedures and treatments were necessary medically or work as a medical director for insurance inititatives.

Medical coders

Agents who can look up submitted charges or charts and submit it into the system with the required medical codes of insurance companies are usually in demand. Even though there is usually no educational requirements to work as a medical coder (aside a high school diploma or something similar), taking a medical coding course online will boost your career a lot.

Jobs of remote insurance workers

Remote insurance workers can apply for work-from-home jobs so far that person is a registered nurse. There are so many of them and you can offer support and your services right to sick individuals or the physicians office. You may be required to review documents that ensure adequate care is taken or review case data so employees can get their compensation claims.

Customer Service

You can work as a customer service operative from a remote location even in the insurance industry. Companies have virtual customer service centers and they all need service reps who can work remotely.


Audtitors that work for insurance companies as a remote agent is usually an independent contractor and may be required to travel locally to handle physical audits. Under this position, you can work as a premium audit or chart audit.

Salary of Remote Insurance jobs

Your salary as a worker in most of these remote insurance jobs will depend on the level of expertise and education used to gain employment. As a result, payments differ greatly based on how experienced you are.

You will often get your pay as commission or in either three ways: salary and commission, salary and bonus or salary only. If you are paid commission, the sum will depend on the amount and kind of insurance you sold and whether the deal is a renewal or new policy.

A few of the most common job titles if remote insurancer jobs and their salary are:

  • Insurance Underwriters
  • Remote insurance underwriters earn $71,790 a year or $34.51 an hour.
  • Remote Inside Sales Agent
  • Claim adjusters
  • A remote claim adjuster makes up to $68,130 a year or $32.76 an hour.

Certifications needed for remote insurance jobs

As a remote insurance worker, it’s not compulsory you get certifications.but some credentials will give you the chance to advance on the corporate ladder. Also, a lot of these work-from-home insurance jobs demand that you get licensing from the state.

Some certifications well-recognized in the industry that you can obtain include:

Certified Insurance Service Representative, Certified risk manager, chartered property casualty underwriter, accredited advisor in Insurance, certified workshop advisor or specialist, and more.

Companies hiring for Remote Insurance jobs

If you desire to work an insurance remote job, there are so many options for you. The good news is that a large number of companies recruit insurance experts to work for them and these jobs will require you to work-from-home offering underwriting services, parking, repairs etc

Some companies currently recruiting remote insurance agents are:

CVS health

CVS health is one of the biggest health service provider and prescription companies. They have more than 9,500 pharmacy stores, 1,100 MinuteClinic buildings and a robust online pharmacy. The remote jobs provided by CVS health includes: Contract negotiator, claims benefit expert and appeal & grievance analyst.


Randstad is freean international recruiting agency and HR services vendor that provides temporary, lasting and outsourced recruiting services as well as a variety of HR strategies. This company partners with customers from various industries such as engineering, IT, accounting, legal, finance, and logistics

As a remote insurance agent working with Randstad, you can take up the position of Underwriter III or underwriter.

NTT Data

NTT Data is considered an international innovator in IT that majors in networking system and system integration services for over a dozen businesses including customers in education, consumer products, healthcare, automotive and public sector, energy and manufacturing.

They also deal with clients in the retail, wholesale, banking and insurance industries.

Liberty Mutual Insurance – Prescott

While working for liberty mutual insurance as a remote inside sales personnel, you will be assigned the duty of handling incoming leads, meeting with clients on their insurance plans and taking inbounding calls.


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