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Remote Epidemiology Jobs are newly demanded in countries like USA. Epidemiologists are known to study patterns of ailments among individuals to know how they can offer public health services appropriately and tackle biological enemies. These professionals carry out descriptive research to recognize patterns and traits of a disease.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job openings for epidemiologists is expected to grow by 30% from 2020-2030, a lot faster than the average for other professions. On average, about 900 positions for epidemiologists is expected every year in the next decade.

What You Need to Know About Remote Epidemiology Jobs

The field of epidemiology offers different career positions as you can work in several  research settings and play diverse roles. Remote Epidemiology jobs require that you handle most of your duties on the job from the comfort of your home or somewhere apart from the lab or office.

You assess and evaluate data gathered from the survey, interviews, and observations to identify patterns in the occurrence and symptoms of the ailment. As a remote epidemiologist, you will be responsible for the supervision of technical, medical, and professional staff in various settings.

Your duty is also to develop, administer and test population health innovations, promote population health at the local, state, or federal level, study issues at the population level to lessen and combat certain disease patterns and analyze data that solve public health problems.

Remote Epidemiology jobs happen to be encircled within a fantastic field of public health and the studies epidemiologists perform are done to prevent negative occurrences or to recognize patterns of a health issue.

Epidemiologists are generally referred to as public health workers. They also study the cause of injuries and try to mitigate the risk of bad health outcomes via community education, research and health policy.

There are instances where people who work Remote Epidemiology jobs would be required to relay their findings to policymakers, health practitioners, and the public, craft grant proposals for research funding, schedule and direct the research of public health issues, and many more.

For example for some Remote Epidemiology Jobs, you may study a particular population to know those who are more predisposed to certain diseases. You might also monitor trends with series of survivors of particular ailments like cancer to identify effective solutions.

Typically, you will be working in research or the field of applied public health. While working in the field or laboratory, epidemiologists are exposed to less risk as they have been trained adequately and safeguard themselves before interacting with patients or samples.

Education Qualification of remote epidemiology jobs 

As a remote epidemiologist, you need a minimum education qualification of a master’s degree. This degree might be from series of specializations or fields, though the emphasis is commonly placed on a master’s degree in public health.

If you want to manage research projects or work as postsecondary tutors in universities or colleges, you need to have a Medical degree or Ph.D. in your desired field. Students are sometimes required to complete a practicum or internship during their master’s degree program.

This internship normally lasts from one semester to a year and they are provided with other training opportunities at agencies like the National Institute of Health and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

A few professionals in this field have degrees both in medicine and epidemiology. They major on clinical duties and spend the majority of their first two years in medical school in the classroom or laboratories studying courses like pathology, anatomy and microbiology.

Salary for Remote Epidemiology Jobs

The entry-level pay for epidemiologists is close to $52,000 a year and with experience, you will probably double that salary. People who have been on the job for two decades or more than that earn from around $96,800 a year if not more.

This is a significant increase in salary that can make the entry-level position worth working for. Although, based on the state where you’re working, your salary might vary. The average annual pay for epidemiologists in May 2020 was $74,560.

The lowest ten percent on the scale don’t make up to $49,140 while the highest ten percent earned over $126,040. In May 2020, the average yearly wages for epidemiologists who worked at several positions in large industries were as follows:

Hospital (local, state and private) – $84,420, State Government apart from hospitals and education – $68,500, Colleges, professional schools and universities (local, state and private) – $67,700, Local government apart from hospitals and education – $70,470, Scientific Research and Development Services – $99,220.

Professionals that work full-time usually have set schedules but sometimes, epidemiologists might need to take on irregular schedules.

Common Job Titles

Common job titles you can hold as a remote epidemiologist includes Tobacco prevention and control epidemiologist, Sr. Remote Epidemiologist, Epidemiologist (Vaccine), COVID-19 Surveillance Epidemiologist, Cancer Epidemiologist, Observational Research manager and more.

You can also work as a Senior Associate Director, Scientist I/II – Genomic Epidemiology training, Deputy Branch Chief, Senior Epidemiologist, Epidemiologist Generalist, Epidemiologist III, Epidemiologist – S.A.S Experience.

Companies Hiring for Remote Epidemiology Jobs

State of Utah

State of Utah in Salt lake City is currently hiring for the position of Tobacco Control and Prevention Epidemiologist. The work is remote and whoever is applying for the job must live in Utah or be relocating to Utah thirty days after employment.

Selected candidates must have a minimum of 2 years experience as an epidemiologist and it is a full-time job.

Public Health Foundation WIC

Public Health Foundation WIC in Richmond is recruiting for the position of Epidemiologist (Vaccine). The right candidate will work at the Vaccine-Preventable Disease Epidemiology Department of the company.

They must have access to reliable internet access from a remote location and bear in mind that the job is for those who are willing to work full-time.

Heluna Health

Heluna Health in San Leandro is currently hiring for the role of Epidemiologist I. The individual is going to be under general supervision and will partner with multidisciplinary team. The right candidate must have access to the internet from a remote location.

Employees will be given reimbursements which they can use to cover their data costs. It is a full-time job opening.


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