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Getting a well-paid remote digital marketing job is no longer a walk in the park. Owing to the recent development in the world- the emergence of Covid-19, and its impact on the workforce. We have all come to a final resort of making the most of remote job opportunities that abound in all sectors.

The benefits of remote jobs cannot be overemphasized – You work right from the comfort of your home, connect with great minds, hone your skills, and build your portfolio.

The world has come to embrace this new development. In years to come, people will be able to acquire all the skills they need and possibly build a thriving career, right from their location.

Challenge finding a remote digital marketing job?

Junior sales and marketing remote jobs

remote digital marketing job

If you are a young grad that is interested in getting a junior sales and marketing remote jobs, or you have sent out tons of application to multinational companies and it has been repeatedly denied, and you’re thinking of giving a remote job a chance or you are a stay at home mum and want to have a steady source income or your 9-4 job can no longer take care of your needs and you need additional income or you’re curious and would like to know the most sought after junior sales and marketing remote jobs in 2021. Whichever category you belong to, this article is for you.

In this article, you’ll find a compiled list of the most demanded remote digital marketing remote jobs in 2021.

Remote Call Center Jobs.

This is one of the common and readily available remote jobs. The reason is simply that most organizations would always need an intermediary between them and their clients. They help in conveying the necessary information between both parties.  You must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently on the job.

Their responsibilities include :

  • Responding to phone calls from existing and new clients.
  • Providing an appropriate response to customers’ queries, questions, and complaints.
  • Providing clients with detailed information about the company.
  • Providing feedback to the management and clients as necessary.
  • Compiling call notes and reports.
  • Following up on certain calls as requested by the management.
  • Creating a record of all complaints, inquiries, and responses.
  • Redirecting calls to the appropriate authorities.
  • Acquiring and updating vital data to help handle clients complaints

On this job, you can earn as much as 24,564 dollars yearly. If you have excellent human relations skills and you are always keen on solving other people’s problems and make things better than they were before. You should consider applying for a remote call center job.

Remote Sales Agent Jobs.


Every thriving organization ensures that they get the best hands in the sales department. This is why it’s easy to laud a sales agent job if you are good at what you do.

Below are the duties of a remote sales agent.

  • Unveiling products and services to potential consumers.
  • Promoting products and services to existing and potential clients
  • Identifying the target clients ( age group, sex, location )
  • Accomplishing expected sales targets within a specific time frame.
  • Fully informed of promotional and popular trends and practices.
  • Studying and analyzing the market potential and risk.
  • Taking record of sales and status reports.
  • Keeping track of sales and status reports.
  • Ensuring that customers’ complaints are resolved to increase their satisfaction and sales.
  • Providing management with detailed reports on customer desires, complaints, and interests.

Currently, the average annual salary for his job is close to $51,488 in a year. If you have the expertise as a salesperson or you are very persuasive. Remote sales agents’ jobs might just be what you need to kick start your career all over again.

Remote Writing And Editing Jobs

Now, more than ever, you can laud lucrative jobs, just by writing and editing, from your current location. All you need is a flair for writing and a good grasp of the English language.


This list summarizes the duties of a remote writer and editor.

  • Doing thorough research on the subject matter.
  • Creating/ Writing original work/content.
  • Suggesting suitable titles.
  • Ensuring that deadlines are met.
  • Advertising your works to publishers and the general public.
  • Reading, revising and, correcting all errors.
  • Rewriting text in most the suited form, for better understanding.
  • Verification of information and facts before publication.
  • Collaborating with writers to enhance their work.
  • Evaluating and deciding what to publish.
  • Ensuring that content idea is in line with the editorial policy.

Getting remote writing and editor job can earn you $67,729 in a year. If you have a bachelor’s degree in creative writing, English language, literature, or you loving writing interesting stories, and compelling articles.

You can unleash your creativity and start applying for a remote writing and editor job.


Remote Accounting Jobs.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finances, or closely related fields, or perhaps you just love putting figures together. Then, this is for you.

Typically, the duties of a remote accountant include the following:

  • Booking keeping and ensuring financial records are updated daily.
  • Verification of financial statements.
  • Ensuring businesses trim outrageous costs.
  • Controlling payroll operations.
  • Preparing and filing all tax-related documents.

A credible portfolio is an added advantage on your job search, as most companies will require a person of integrity in their accounting department.

Getting a remote accounting job can make your bank account fat, as you can earn as much as $66,689 in a year.


Remote Project Manager Jobs

Typically, when a company or organization takes up a project. An individual must oversee from inception to completion. The is where a project manager comes in.

A remote project manager typically does the following.

  • Commencing and directing projects from inception to completion.
  • Drafting project plan and mapping out strategies to complete the task.
  • Creating and monitoring project budget.
  • Setting a specific deadline and keeping track of performance.
  • Taking note of project milestones.
  • Building the right team with the necessary skills for each project.
  • Keeping records of project notes and databases.
  • Predicting challenges before embarking on the project.
  • Devising appropriate means of tackling challenges.
  • Liaising with other administrative teams to ensure that budgets are well distributed to meet the project requirement.
  • Communicating with project owners about the status of the project.


If you enjoy helping others with a task or you effortlessly start and complete a project, monetize your talent by earning as much as $91, 899 yearly, as a remote project manager.


Remote Chat Support Jobs.

Remote chat support jobs involve communicating through live chat or email with customers, to respond to their queries. Surprisingly, all over the world, most people prefer this option of customer service, because they get a prompt response to their questions.

These are the duties of a remote chat agent

  • Responding professionally and swiftly to customers via chat or email.
  • Providing customers with the required information.
  • Keeping records of all queries, questions, and complaints.
  • Identifying clients’ needs and desires.
  • Giving management feedback as necessary.
  • Following up with customers when the need arises.

If you are an excellent communicator and you have good problem skills, getting a good remote chat support job will be quite easy. The good thing is that you can work in any industry of your choice.

The salary of remote chat agents varies depending on the skill level, years of expertise, and location. However, the average monthly salary for a remote chat support job is $4,492 in a month.

Remote Editing Jobs

If you are an exceptional writer, and you enjoy going over write-ups meticulously for grammatical or punctuation errors, a remote editing job may be your good luck jackpot.

Editors are in high demand in all industries. They are often called fact-checkers, proofreaders, content editors, copy editors, or editorial assistants.

Regardless of the job title, editors help in making content organized, clear and meaningful.

From the comfort of your home, you can get a remote editing job, as millions of employers provide high-paying remote editing jobs.

To work in any industry as a remote editor, you must be able to carry out the role following responsibilities.

  • Reading, revising, and correcting all errors.
  • Creating a workable content calendar.
  • Rewriting text in the most suited form, for better understanding.
  • Taking charge of Content production.
  • Verification of information and facts before publication.
  • Collaborating with writers to enhance their work.
  • Assigning tasks to writers or other team members.
  • Setting specific deadlines for the team
  • Evaluating and deciding what to publish.
  • Ensuring that content idea is in line with the editorial policy.

A good editor must be able to pay attention to details and be super creative.A remote editor earns close to $69,729 a year.


Remote Copywriting Jobs

As a remote copywriter, you may decide to work as staff for an organization or just as an independent entity. The job description varies depending on various factors – the type of company and industry. However, copywriters perform almost the same job duties.

Also, known as Marketing Writers, they are tasked with the responsibility of creating persuasive and engaging contents for advertisement purposes.

Outlined below are the duties and responsibilities of a remote copywriter.

  • Creating engaging and clear content that conveys the company’s information.
  • Researching keywords for creating content for websites, catalogs, and print ads.
  • Working with other strategic team members( PR and marketing team ) to brainstorm ideas and choosing the best marketing option
  • Identifying target audience and knowing their interest.
  • Editing and enhancing copy as required.
  • Proposing innovative copy ideas for clients.

With a keen eye for detail, good written and interpersonal skills, plus amazing creativity, you will have a smooth sailing getting a good remote copywriting job.

Currently, the average annual salary of a junior remote copywriter Is $75,211 yearly.

Remote Digital Marketing Jobs.

In the last few years, online marketing has gained so much popularity, which is why a marketing specialist that handles the digital space is highly sorted after.

Every single industry including Junior sales and marketing remote jobs

needs these marketing specialists- digital marketers to remain relevant in their fields.

Ideally, the digital marketer builds an online presence for a brand.

The responsibilities of a remote digital marketer are enormous. They include the following;

  • Using best social media practices abs trends for marketing.
  • Creating an email list.
  • Sending emails to clients.
  • Creating online listings on several platforms.
  • Maintaining a reputable brand online presence.
  • Controlling digital dashboards of different accounts.
  • Collaborating with sales team to devise various marketing strategies.
  • Accessing online marketing metrics to monitor success rate.

With a bachelors’ degree in marketing or business, exceptional knowledge of video and picture editing software, in-depth understanding of most social media platforms, it’s relatively easy to get a remote digital marketing job.

The average salary as a remote digital marketer according to a glassdoor report is $63,226 in a year.


Remote Product Manager Jobs.

Day in Day out, thousands of products are released daily. Project managers play a huge role in bringing the product to the market.

A remote product manager is assigned the responsibilities below.

  • Managing a product from production to promotion and sales.
  • Developing the best strategy for marketing a product.
  • Setting targets and deadlines.
  • Creating a product roadmap.
  • Gathering feedback from users.
  • Delivering appropriate results.
  • Sustaining a good communication network between clients and stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with other team members for product development.
  • Ensuring a hassle-free delivery process.
  • Accessing and evaluating the success of all products.
  • Consistently updating new products features and designs.


A remote product manager is paid $55,022 yearly. Regardless of sex, race, age, expertise, and industry, remote jobs have provided countless juicy opportunities for the world’s populace. And it keeps getting better every day.

Excuses are no longer valid, as you don’t need much aside from your skills and mini workspace in your home. Even in your pajamas or home wear, you can keep smiling to the back every day, as you have a long-lasting sense of fulfillment of finding Junior sales and marketing remote jobs.

If you are wondering where to can find any of these opportunities,  is a good place to start. All you need to do is fill in your job title, city, state, or zip code in the designated boxes. Afterward, click on the search box, It will lead you to find your dream job.



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