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Remote communications job

Who are Remote communications job workers

Communication agents are dynamic experts that spend a large part of their time developing and providing sound communications to clients for their business. These specialists may produce printed or web based newsletters, promotional materials or other materials used in marketing.

Communication specialists also be asked to talk as a representative of their company via media like the radio or television or at events. They work as members of a team in most cases together with their PR and marketing divisions.

We can call a communication professional a Journalist, Marketing or Public Relation Manager, Advertising Coordinator, Freelance Writer, or Line Editor. If you are lucky to get a job as a remote communication personnel, you can work on a part-time, full-time, contract and freelance basis.

Types of Remote Communication Jobs

As a remote communication agent, you can work as a Communications Planner, Marketing Manager, Marketing Communication Director, Marketing Director, Brand Manager, Newscaster, Public Relations Specialist, Marketing Communication Manager, Social Media Manager.

Other job roles provided to you include Technical writer, Human Resources Specialist, Photographers, Journalists, Interpreters & Translators, Event planner, Commentator, Reporters, Health Educator, College or University Alumni Officer, and Sales Representative.

The career options available for work-from-home communications specialists are seemingly very rewarding as most companies within the industrial sectors always have the need to hire experts who are good at handling freelance communications.

You can start the job as an assistant or communications professional then move gradually to the position of a director or manager after acquiring the right expertise and experience. A BSc or Associate Degree is compulsory if you want to join the Communications industry, and it will help you get a better role (possibly a manager).

Salary of Remote Communication Jobs

As a Marketing Communications Associate working with the Southeast Asian Development Center, situated in San Francisco, you earn $22 to $26 per hour. This is for those willing to work on a full-time basis.

The position is also perfect for recently graduates students who have a degree in business, communications or marketing. You should be able to remain resourceful, agile, resourceful and responsive within any remote work space you find yourself.

If you are lucky to get a Marketing Communications Coordinator role at Three Point Solutions Inc, you earn between $26 to $27 an hour. You will be expected to work on a contract basis. Your role will be to work with the company’s leading client from the convenience of your home or anywhere outside the office.

Companies hiring for Remote Communications Job

At this point, you should have gained a better understanding of how to prepare for the remote communications agent role or careers in other fields of communication. The next step for you will be to research companies that provide contract, part-time or full-time employment basis.

Listed below are some companies offering remote communications jobs:

McCrometer is currently hiring for the position of remote Marketing Communication Specialist. He or she will work on a Full-Time basis as well as join their team of remote agents. Once you’re recruited in the company, you’ll also be joining a company called Danaher’s global.

Waterford Wedgwood in Portland is currently hiring for the position of Marketing Communications Manager on a Full-Time work basis. As a Marketing Communications Manager, your duty will be to talk on behalf of the brand.

The position is a combination of two roles or Hybrid (the personnel is to work from a remote location and onsite).

Sustainable Business Consulting, LLC in Seattle, WA is currently hiring for the position of Sustainability Marketing and Communications Manager. The successful candidate will work as a full-time employee.

Sustainable Business Consulting (SBC) comprises a multitude of strategic work-from-home team members. The company wants an employee who can bring up ideas on how to scale and improve their brand.

Data Skrive situated in Seattle, WA is seeking for the services of a Marketing Communications Specialist. The successful candidate will work on a full-time basis. At the job, your responsibility will be assist with every job the brand has to handle.

You can work for this company remotely from the United States and they offer a flexible vacation period.

YR Media in Oakland, CA is currently recruiting for the position of Marketing Communications Specialist who will work on a full-time basis. He or she will be responsible for keeping up with workflows to develop, gather and present job details.

As we speak, YR media wants someone who can work remotely but later on, the successful candidate may have to work from a different location.

Imperative Care located in Campbell, CA is hiring for the job role of Marketing Communications Manager. The successful candidate will work on a full-time basis and perform together with product and marketing communications managers to guarantee that the brand and messaging is properly done.

In as much as you know how to interact and team-up excellently when working in remote environments, you can take up the job.

Churchome in Kirkland, WA is currently recruiting for the services of Director of Marketing and Communications to work on a Full-Time basis. The mission of the company is to be very good at narrating the story of Jesus to people of the World.

Thus, as a Director of Marketing & Communications, you need to have high leadership skill.

Duties and roles of remote communications jobs

Your duties and role while working at a work-from-home communications job will depend a lot on the sector which the company operates in or domain. But there exists particular responsibilities that you will find in virtually every organization and they abide by.

The main responsibilities given to reliable professionals expected to work for either remote or full time basis on their jobs are listed below:

Partner with the brand’s management and leadership to gather an efficient and extensive communications strategy.

Develop, edit, distribute and promote content that relates to press releases, speeches, publications, newsletters, yearly reports, and other similar documents when handling a remote communication job..

Act as a spokesperson of the company and respond to different media platforms and channels

Is Remote Communications Job a good career?

Communications is a nice career as it improves your creative abilities and prowess. There are so many opportunities in the industry and increases steadily each year providing a variety of positions to take up. They pay well and by learning continuously and improving your experience level, you will find the career remarkable.

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